Monday, September 02, 2013


hi there

last week i had reason to peruse the morning newspaper. in amongst the usual tales of power, corruption and lies and advert, as indeed adverts are designed for the most part to do, caught my attention. it was a rather flamboyant, full page affair for a shoe store. indeed it was the kind of thing i would usually skip over, except that it contained information that said this time i should not skip it. what would that be? that the store proudly carried sizes 13 - 17.

being a size 13 means that usually i struggle to find quality footwear. as you are aware, you more regular readers, my supplier of usual choice has switched to dark brown boots only, which has in turn led to a sort of quasi-cowboy look being developed to accomodate them. it was quite exciting, then, to think i might find some of the black shaded boots for which i have a preference for. off i went, then.

the store did indeed have a formidable range of the larger sizes. my, those 17 size ones look like something else, believe me. i did not take any pictures of the size 17 boots, since i wasn't really there for them. i did, however, take a picture of a pair of size 13s that caught my eye.

well, when i say "caught my eye" i mean something along the lines of "love at first sight", of course. just how excellent do they look? well, good enough to buy is the straightforward answer there.

they are called something along the lines of "workboots" for whatever reason, and a good deal of fuss is made over the fact that they feature something called a YKK zip down the side. does it make any difference what sort of zipper is used as and when one of the things is required?

if the answer to the above is yes, for some reason, well then here's a picture of the zip thing in action.

whereas i am not one for giving names to everything as such, i do believe that these boots shall now be known as my 4Q boots. it just strikes me as the best way to introduce them to people. i am in particular looking forward to making a visit and introducing Zama to these 4Q boots; i suspect he will be most impressed with them.

more views of the boots, you crave? very well.

and of course, fellow Commodre 64 enthusiasts, i have not forgotten about you. whilst the above pictures were all taken with the blueberry, i did take the time to go and fetch that iTwat thing from it's docking station that does not charge an iTwat touch thanks to the genius of Apple design changes and took some C64 style pictures.

here you go, one of my boots (the left, if you must know) in the glory of Commodore 64 camera mode.

of course the iTwat is not quite clever enough to have a flash or anything like that when one is taking pictures, but never mind, i think these have come out reasonably well. it's ace to see the 4Q boots in Commodore 64 glory, something in which state lighting probably doesn't matter too much.

another shot of the left boot for your pleasure, this time with the "scan lines" setting on.

i still do not know if i prefer the pictures with or without the scan lines, so i guess i will just have to keep taking both.

for those of you less than excited about the Commodore 64 mode but nonetheless think that regular iTwat pictures are the way to go, here you are then, a plain, simple portrait of the left 4Q boot taken on the normal camera setting on the machine.

well, there isn't a great deal else i can say about these splendid 4Q boots. they are the right size and are rather comfy. what more could you want?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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