Monday, September 09, 2013

the do it yourself test for cancer?

hi there

an unusual post this, as in it's somewhat serious and i really don't know what to make of it. all i know is that this advert caught my eye earlier today.

i do know that the lovely ladies of this earth going for a Pap Smear test is important, and should be done once a year if possible. i don't know how wise it is to have the test done by yourself at home and posted or picked up. this is a service that someone is offering here.

hmn. the website says that this all costs R699, which is very roughly either US$70 or £43. that seems like a good price if you are in the US or the UK i suppose, but then you have decent wages and considerably better employment than here. and a regular water supply, a regular electricity supply, a political system in which more often than not one sees the corrupt and the incompetent hounded out of office not promoted and other trivial things like that. 

the chaps reading this need not feel left out. apparently, also on their website, they also offer tests for the gentry, mostly for diseases you may have contracted in a most interesting way. no idea on the cost of them. 

i can't say much else about this service as i do not know anything else. any comment i made would be based on the assumption that i am surprised to see that one could do this at home, and thus i would in all likelihood attract, rightly, one of them cease and desist notices or worse. 

all i do know is that the importance of these Pap Smear tests does need to be circulated out there, hence this post. if the service offered by those who took this advert work for you, great. 

and if you are wondering about if i took a picture of the advert in Commodore 64 mode......

....of course i did.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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