Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stone Roses petition

hi there

i recently had reason to be in the car, driving around a bit. as is so often the case under such circumstances, i had the magnificent album Nilsson Schmilsson by Harry Nilsson on, at the correct volume of course. when one of the more celebrated tracks form this celebrated album come on, Jump Into The Fire, two things of interest happened.

firstly, and perhaps of the least amount of immediate relevance to anyone, i noticed a helicopter up in the sky doing its thing as the song played on. if you can work out the film reference from that, well done, buy yourself something nice as a reward. on your own account, of course.

secondly, it struck me that this song (which you can hear by clicking here) (or better still buy the album) has been overlooked by too many for far too long. it's an epic, brilliant track; one that would make the world a better place if played frequently.

in that regard, then, i have a vision of how the sound of this song could be spread.

yes, that's right. get The Stone Roses to do a cover of it. i understand for many of you that idea is brilliant enough to support with no further comment from me, so to cut to the chase a bit for you here's the link to one of them petition things i set up to try and make this happen.

for everyone else, i suppose you need a bit more elaboration on why this would be class.

first off, as far as i am aware, The Stone Roses are not doing anything in particular right now. they've stopped doing gigs, the Made Of Stone film has been released and promoted, and, well, that's about it. we would all hope to see and hear a new Stone Roses album, but that seems unlikely any time soon. "what album?" was the last statement from the band, with the quote coming from John Squire. he clarified to the extent of saying that there were a few numbers on the go, but "nothing concrete".

why not, then, jam in the studio and turn out an excellent cover of a classic, overlooked rock epic?

why this band to do this song, though? because for the most part they are the only musicians in the world right now who could do the song justice. when you listen to the drums and the bass on the go, just who is it out there that could do either to that audacious quality other than Reni and Mani?

on the elaborate guitar work, well, yes there probably are one or two guitarists that could pull it off in isolation. do it in a way to complement the bass and drums, though? surely John Squire stands alone in this respect.

as for the vocals, well, i know many out there have an issue with Ian Brown. that's fair enough, his singing is not for everyone, as much as it is for me. purists of Nilsson, widely considered to be one of the most dynamic and gifted vocalists ever, would probably freak out at the idea of Ian Brown tackling one of his songs. that's kind of understandable, but no barrier.

when you think about it, Jump Into The Fire was the I Am The Resurrection of its day. considering it's the feel and the vibe of the song in both cases that is far more important than any technical measurement, it soon should become clear that Ian Brown is in fact the only person who could possibly be brave enough to tackle the song and deliver an awsome version of it. yes, i know, now you are convinced, so here again is the link to the petition to sign. thank you.

so far my petition has not been quite the success i hope it to be, but it is early days yet and i am confident that enough people out there care for quality music enough to join me.

at the least, at this stage my signature looks quite class on the petition.

look, even if you could not care less for The Stone Roses, Nilsson or Jump Into The Fire and yet have managed still to read this blog post, please if nothing else think of my wishes to hear this.

want the link to the petition again? sure, here it is!

many thanks for reading, and indeed many more thanks in anticipation of your support for my idea.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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