Friday, September 06, 2013


hi there

whoops, what can i say, sorry for a lack of anything here of late. in truth it's not so much lack of time as it has been simply that not all that much of interest has "popped in there" to write here. i am not too sure that it has now, but i thought i'd better do something to let the people know i am reasonably alive and somewhat well.

i was browsing some store recently when i saw some class stags for sale in Musica. a stag is what i would call a stereo unit, and have done ever since Vim Fuego called his a "stag" in one of the Bad News films or records. actually, he could have been saying "stack", but stag just sounds like a class name for a stereo.

for the chap or lady who want to take their turntable with them wherever they go, and who would not, this is a very smart looking portable stag.

that price tag of R2000 translates as roughly US$200 or £128 if you are interested in such converstions of currency. with no research, i would suggest that's a pretty decent price for it. 

whereas i have not actually used either of the ones on display here, i do have a Crosley unit at home, a wonderful Christmas gift once upon a time from my (considerably) better half. it does the job really, really well. 

for the person who wants the best of proper music on a turntable and the ease of use of "flash" things for inferior downloads, this looks like a smart system indeed. 

i quite like how there's something of a half-hearted effort by Musica to get interest in vinyl on the go here. i mean, it's great that they are selling this equipment, but they are not exactly going out of their way to sell records. only a few stores carry lps, and even then they have about 6 different ones. better than nothing, i suppose, but then again it's not like they are pushing the boat out to have people who love music in their stores.

to date one still cannot buy either the recent Primal Scream or Beady Eye CDs at Musica or anywhere else. oh, sure, they can do a "special order" for you, but then again you can do a "normal order" off of your own amazon account and not pay them a premium to import the disc for you and "test" it on your behalf.

let me avoid any further rant by showing you a picture of a place where you can buy them nice shawarma things from.

i will try my best to do some interesting updates in the not too distant future!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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