Monday, September 30, 2013

The Next Next Day

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well, David Bowie's ability to surprise, in general and specifically this year, seem to be undiminished. things seemed a touch quiet with the end of the celebrated David Bowie Is exhibition, and indeed the failure to happen of any rumoured live appearances. no further releases looked likey, but this is 2013 David Bowie.

first up will be an iTwat / digital only release of the recent revamped, remixed and reimagined version of the song Sound And Vison. this is the hugely popular version which features on some advert or other for Sony, and was presumably done as part of the arrangement Bowie has with Sony in regards of the distribution deal for The Next Day. that hits iTwat stores on October 7.

then in November we get a special, special edition (mindful of one already being released) of The Next Day itself. it's a 2 CD, 1 DVD box, looking and sounding rather smart indeed.

the DVD will feature the four videos made in support of the album, with the videos for The Next Day and The Stars (Are Out Tonight) being the best of the bunch and proof that music videos do not have to be the utter, utter rubbish that most artists seem to think will do these days.

CD1 features the "standard" 14 track version of the album. CD2 has the tracks that featured on the 17 track "special edition" of the initial release, plus some nice touches. here are the track titles :

Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix)
The Informer
Like A Rocket Man
Born In A UFO
I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)
I'll Take You There
God Bless The Girl
So She

of particular delight to everyone will be the presence of the song God Bless The Girl, which was initially a Japan only release on the album.  as has been discussed time and again on this blog, rather annoyingly the Japanese record labels insist on "exclusive content" for the kids of Tokyo, in an attempt to persuade the Japanese to buy that edition rather than a cheaper import. what a good idea this is; instead of just changing the pricing strategy let's annoy fans worldwide and effectively create a bootleg / illegal download market.

Bowie has, in fairness, always been good with these "Japan only" tracks, making them available worldwide as b-sides for singles a few months after the initial release. it is a great shame that the same does not happen with other bands, in particular the Manic Street Preachers and indeed certain Frankie Goes To Hollywood remixes.

this special, special edition of The Next Day is listed as being released on November 4, although at the moment i cannot find anyone listing it for order yet. and yes of course i will be getting it.

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