Wednesday, September 25, 2013

and no, video on here seems not to work on Apple iDevices, sorry......

hi there

well, OK people, i tried. for some reason a number of you quite like having a look at my blog on one of them iTwat devices, which is fair enough, you use whatever you like and thank you very much indeed for reading. people have pointed out to me, and i must stress not in any sort of complaint way, that a couple of things on this blog do not work as they should when using an Apple product. they would be the comments section and the videos.

first off, posting comments. it is always nice when someone takes the time to leave a comment or message here and it's greatly appreciated. less appreciated, however, are scams, adverts for cock pills and other such rubbish. to try and keep them away from this blog the comments section has a "word verification" thing on, where you have to type in the sequence of letters and numbers presented on screen to validate that you are a real person leaving a message. it seems that for some reason this word verification thing does not come up for iTwat browsers. sorry, but i can't switch that verification off.

secondly, viewing or if you will watching some of you may recall from my brilliant but presently underappreciated efforts to interpret the lyrics of a Harry Nilsson song post of yesterday, i happened to have some video shot on an iTwat to upload. i had hoped this would make it visible, but alas no.

many, many thanks indeed to the child of the Condiment Phoenix for providing the above. it is most peculiar seeing my blog in this way, it is not like i read what i write in general. and indeed sorry about the fact that you could not see a moment of me taking a hacksaw to a coconut.

i suspect the problem is this Safari browser, which Apple claims is things like exciting, dynamic and brilliant. apparently no it is not, since word verification and watching videos would be a big part of using the internet in the present day.

all i can suggest is that if you wish to visit my blog to watch videos and leave comments on an iDevice then you are probably going to need to wheel past that iTwat store and look for a browser (or "browser app" if that is what they call it) which is not as short sighted and apparently useless as Safari is. do they have other browsers available? probably, i expect, but i do not know.

meanwhile, as a gesture of goodwill to all you iTwat users, a public service announcement of sorts. please be aware that these two adverts, and several quite like it around the net, are 100% fake, as in they are not real and no, iOS7 does not offer this, no software or operating system could.

one would assume that having the funds for an iTwat, the ability to read and the patience to download iOS7 would indicate that one does not have the required stupidity to believe the new operating system somehow makes your iTwat waterproof, but by all accounts some have fallen for this and tested it. i am not sure if that's true or simply urban legend stuff in the making, but i would suspect that anyone who tested this out was not too happy with the results.

there's a clue in the wording that it is fake, of course. like Apple would ever let you shut down the power supply entirely, for instance - how would they update your phone and know where you are and what you're doing? the reference to "iPhone's delicate circuitry" is also a priceless, genius bit of a dig. well done, whoever created that one.

the next advert goes even further and i dare say better with the kind of wording that Apple like to use and their users seem to think makes them sound clever.

"sudden changes in thermo distribution" indeed! some may well also spot that the Powered by Apple in California comment there is something of a joke, considering how and where it is made.

so there you have it. sorry if you can't leave comments or watch the videos, but i have advised you how you may be able to. it does not involve water or any other sort of changes, sudden or gradual, in thermo distribution.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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