Monday, September 09, 2013

more Commodre 64 Camera Mode action

hi there

yep, that's right. the title of this post tells you what you need to know; indeed there will be little or nothing of any particular relevance to the world at large here. there will, however, be yet more class pictures taken with my iTwat with the Camera 64 thing switched on.

i would have thought that the novelty factor would have worn off by now too, since that is probably what you are thinking. i am afraid it has not, and indeed i am considering purchasing another version of this camera trick thingie to give a bit of life to the novelty factor. i would say i will keep you posted but surely you know that i will.

the iTwat was in the car this morning, since the boys rather like playing what few games we can get from the iTwat store here on it as we head to school. instead of doing the sensible thing and either taking pictures of them or allowing them to take pictures of each other, i opted for a view of my dashboard.

i think that is the bit of the car that is called the dashboard, it's the part, as you can see, where all the dials and indicator things are. yes, that is a scan lines picture above, the non-scan lines one to follow.

it is quite exciting times, for i am only a few thousand kms away from having clocked up 250,000 in the machine. that would equal driving around the world about 10 times in total, or if you like 65.1% of the way to the Moon, if there was a road to the Moon.

that last bit is, now that i think, rather informative. sorry about that, since i promised a post of little actual relevance. hey ho, let me make amends with that other view of the dashboard / bit where the control dials and numbers are on the car behind the steering wheel.

proving that the Camera 64 "app" for my iTwat is the best thing ever is something that i seek to do. it's not always easy to convince people that everything looks cool in Commodore 64 mode, but this next picture should in many ways do just that.

doesn't that look awesome? and yes, you are right, that is Phil Collins, doing Turn It On Again with his band Genesis. i have no idea what the original song, presumably called Turn It On, sounds like. i do know, however, on the basis of the above, that the Camera 64 thing instantly makes everything and everyone look a good deal cooler than they are.

speaking of cool, it baffles me as to why when the laptop (laptwat, more like, i hate the things) makers of the world met in secret to launch the wretched things on the world did they not insist that it resemble a Commodore 64 as closely as possible?

i mean, how cool would a laptop be if it had the picture power of a Commodre 64? this cool.

i had the laptwat on as i had business with the iTwat store. by some sort of clerical error or minor miracle, the new Manic Street Preachers single, Show Me The Wonder, is actually available to purchase on the limited iTwat store here. a download is not a proper single as such, but that's the way of the world. i am just glad that i could purchase it, since sadly the band are signed to Sony and as we know Sony do all that they can to take the power of the global nature of the internet and try to limit the countries you can buy things from them.

Show Me The Wonder is a cracking song, by the way. that and the title track offer great promise for the album Rewind The Film, released next week i believe. the "b-side" of the download is OK, i just cannot remember what it is called. Something that starts with an M. oh hang on the iTwat is sat here with me, it's called Melancholyme - no wonder i could not remember it. the third track, a live recording of Tsunami, is a bit oh dear really. it's from a massive singles gig they did a few years ago. it is, frankly, an awful recording of a barely average performance of a halfway decent song.

here's hoping that the extra tracks that come with the iTwat download of the album, also recordings from that gig, are better. i am somewhat resigned to the fact that i will be going the way of an iTwat download for their new album, which makes me sad. the exchange rate presently makes buying it from overseas not viable, and going on how the Beady Eye and Primal Scream albums released earlier this year are still not available here in CD form there is no chance of the Manics one pitching up. not with the Sony approach.

anyway, whilst i was waiting for the single to download, i decided to take one of them "selfie" pics. it was in doing so that i noticed something rather peculiar.

no, not me. i am just regular peculiar, not rather peculiar. look at the writing on the ace Star Wars poster behind me. it seems in its infinite wisdom that the Commodore 64 camera app thingie decides to deliver a "negative" or if you will mirror image when you use it with the touch bit of the iTwat facing you. strange.

is it just me that gets bugged, if not irked, when on a science fiction show or film someone mentions that they "need to reverse the polarity of the neutrons"? just what polarity is this that they speak of, exactly? neutrons are neutral, there is a bit of a clue in the name.

it's a bit like, i suppose, when them that do the weather and that on the radio or the tele say that there's a "50% chance of rain". oh, really, 50%? that to me is "we do not know, toss a coin and see".

anyway, if the iTwat thing had existed when the Commodore 64 ruled the earth, it would have been even cooler, although i am not sure how long it would have taken to download tracks. probably quite quick, though, going on the way those two chaps were able to build a girl and indeed a rocket so quick in Weird Science. this is probably, then, how the download screen thing would look.

and, erm, that's it for this update on what i have been doing with the sensational Camera 64 thing on my iTwat device. i can only hope that you have enjoyed looking at these images nearly as much as i rather liked taking them.

i have little doubt that more images like the above will follow in the near future!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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