Monday, September 09, 2013

self-shot personification

hi there

the self-shot portrait, increasingly known as the "selfie" in a world adopting rather bordello-like parlance as something normal, is quite the phenomenon on the internets. it seems that all users are obliged to "up" at least one "selfie" in their internet life or otherwise be cast aside. there are of course variations of success in this.

a number of people have, rather unwisely, decided that the "selfie" should be blessed with a distinguishable lack of clothes from how they would usually be seen. following that, others have opted to include one or more others in their selfie, adapting and adopting to some rather unusual positions which makes wandering the internet something of a nostalgic trip along the roads of the darker areas of Soho in the 70s and 80s.

easily the most popular "selfie" shot is the celebrated "duck face" pose, taken by a number of the lovely ladies of the world and shared extensively across social networks. for those unaware of what this pose is, basically a young lady, normally ready for an evening of joviality and merriment, imagines that she has just sucked upon a slice of lemon that a duck or other form of quasi-aquatic like dwelling creature has recently urinated on. the facial reaction to such a suck is considered to be the perfect pose, and thus the picture is taken when thoughts of the presumably wet lemon are removed from the mouth are at a premium.

a chap called Fernando Alonso, some sort of Spanish chap who i believe is quite the enthusiast of motor cars, would appear to have taken a different approach to the world of the "selfie". no ducks, imagined or real, no visible thoughts of urine and a rather conventional amount of clothing would appear to mark out his approach to this genre in ways that are different from the above.

one would imagine that the above would inspire many to try and mimic this "selfie" for their next portrait, although off hand i am not sure how many people, "duck" faced ladies in particular, will be able to summon quite so many fellow motor enthusiasts to be in the background.

i can only presume that by the end of today someone will have done that photoshop thing and the above image will feature 'honest' John "winner" Terry, subsequently to be spread across the internet.

many thanks indeed to Mr Norman Bastard, my friend and pilot of choice, for providing this picture. i am happy to credit him, but i have no idea at all where he stole it from. probably off this Spanish chap himself, to be honest.

we can only hope that by the next time Mr Alonso does a "selfie" he or one of his people have discovered the Camera 64 "app" and thus he presents himself in the class ways of a Commodore 64 like image. with scan lines.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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