Monday, September 16, 2013

moon C64

hi there

i would suspect that quite a few of my regular readers have been concerned at the lack of Commodore 64 style picture action on here. this would apply in particular to my most recent, welcome regular readers who are here purely for the C64 style of images. allow me then to make amends with some new C64 pictures, and i do mean new.

how new? i picked up a second C64 camera emulator for my iTwat thingie. that's how new. why would i go and do that? because the only thing possibly cooler than owning one Commodore 64 thing is to own two Commodore 64 things, that's why. 3 and above and you are in the arena of extravagance. also, they only seem to have 2 Commodre 64 camera things on the iTwat store.

what to try the new Commodore 64 thing out on? well, as a Commodore 64 basically had double (yes, twice) the amount of power that the NASA computer that put a man or 12 on the moon had, why not the moon?

for one of them comparison things, which for some reason people on the internet like, here is how the basic, unmodified iTwat captures an image of the moon. 

sort of OK, isn't it? oh sorry, if you are unsure - yes, the moon is the white, sort of ball-like shaped white thing slightly off-centre in the picture. never hurts to ask, happy to clarify.

right, let's have a look at it with an enhanced and improved iTwat, which is to say an iTwat with the Camera 64 "app" thing running. i am fairly sure that this is the one i took with the "dithering" mode switched to "off", whatever the hell that means.

stunning, is it not? i am struggling to think why exactly, if they are so clever and have so much money, that Apple lot did not just simply buy Commodore 64 entire and just base all of their technology on it. this would make their products about a million times better, especially if you could buy a reset switch in order to enter pokes.

what are my thoughts on the moon? well, i don't have the issue with it that many do. all evidence says that yes indeed men did land on the moon, by the way. you can see the traces with a pretty powerful home telescope. do i think that the footage shown on TV was the real deal? different debate. there's flaunting what you have done to the USSR during the Cold War and then there's showing your whole hand in how you did it. it's plausible, then, that the footage was fake, but it is but a fool that to this day believes man never went there.

more thoughts on the moon in a moment, but for now here's an image of the moon taken with the iTwat on C64 mode with the dithering, i believe, on.

class, that is. makes it look the like moon is on fire, or has eyelashes or something.

i am aware of some people expressing disgust at the moon, as it happens. oddly it's not just those who have no sense of what you might call balance or perspective, you know, those who say that all the bad things that happened to Glitter Vampire Jedward and that lass (or whoever the hell they are) would not happen (if they happened) in that Twinkle thing if there was no moon because then there would be no werewolves.

sensible people i know - lawyers, musicians, semi-retired surveyors and the like - consider the moon to be an insolent, lazy lump, swanning or if you will floating around, robbing earth of precious gravity. my exceptionally limited grasp of science has always led me to believe that our gravity works more or less the way it does because of the moon, but if there are people out there who have theories that it would work even better without it, well that's just great. i don't think we are likely to find out any time soon.

anyway, enough of the moon. this is a blog, gosh darn it, and blogs are all always supposed to be "me, me, me", are they not? i try not to make it that way, as it happens, at least only insofar as i can distance myself from it, what with me writing it and that, but let me indulge anyway. here you go with some of them "selfie" pictures, and not a duck in sight.

first, with that dithering business off.

ah yes, i know what you are thinking. anything wrong with that picture is down to my natural looks, i fear, and not due to any fault with the unquestionable abilities of anything C64 related. note, at the least, how superb the Blade Runner poster in the background looks in this format.

wow, my ego is getting somewhat out of hand and out of control here, for here's a second image of me, this time with that dithering business on.

this is quite tough, really, as things look as ace with the dithering on as they do off, but ace in different ways. it's a bit like the scan lines dilemma with the other Commodore 64 camera "app".

yes, there's no doubting the chance that yet more class Commodore 64 style pictures will appear here in the not too distant future. i may well even, dear readers, embark on some sort of journey or adventure specifically to take images of things with this class new C64 camera thing.

for now, though, i will leave you to enjoy these magnificent images. well, at the least, the ones of the moon, and the Blade Runner elements of the other two.

also, please remember to sign my class petition about getting The Stone Roses to do a cover of Harry Nilsson's Jump Into The Fire. here is the link again in case you missed it. so far an impressive 11 people have. these 11 will be remembered with glory and favour when the revolution comes. should you wish to stand along side them on the perhaps preferable side of the wall as and when this revolution comes, signing the petition is the way to secure your place.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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