Sunday, September 15, 2013

the casting agent for World War Z predicted the next Doctor Who horror shock......

hi there

my (considerably) better half and i have just gotten around to watching that World War Z film and noticed something rather interesting. very interesting, as point of fact.

i will try and keep this spoiler free for you, as far as i can at the least.

here is a certain actor, Peter Capaldi, as he appears in the film.

and here is how he features on the end credits of the film.

yes, that's right, the now new Doctor Who is credited as W.H.O. Doctor in the film! what a sensational co-incidence! all the same, very well done to the casting agency who did this!

as for the film itself, well, shall we say slightly above average. i really rather enjoyed the novel, written by Max "yes, son of Mel" Brooks. i did however think there was no way they could film it as the book was, and indeed they didn't. an "oral history" of the Zombie War is thus transformed into a really, really, really big budgeted variation of 28 Days / Weeks Later. it isn't exactly bad as a consequence, but i would imagine the usual "oh they have ruined the book" are lurking around the internet somewhere.

anyway, hope you have found this as eerie, interesting or just plain amusing as we did!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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