Thursday, September 19, 2013

rejoice! i-Reserve survived the iTwat "OS7" update debacle!

hi there

phew! great news! i got the below email today. with all the fuss and nonsense around iTwats not updating something or other yesterday, i thought that i-Reserve would have been affected, and none of my routine business with Cashbuild would have gone through.

as you can see, it did.

only a couple of minor issues, of would expect that. would you like the faults in "bullet point" form? people like that sort of thing on the internet, especially fanboys when they are trying to show you how right they are before Mummy calls them to come eat and change their underwear.

here, then, are the issues. well, some of them :

* there is no such thing as i-Reserve

* i do not, and probably never shall, bank with ABSA

* i have no idea who Cashbuild are. they build things from cash?

* is it that i paid them, or they paid me? the numbers don't look familiar, just like the use of language

so this probably is some sort of scam or fishing / phishing email, then. even though it sailed through one of them anti-spam, security things. oh.

dear readers, ladies and gents alike, take heed. if a mail looks like a load of rubbish, no matter what it or anyone says and apparently no matter how ace your anti-spam, anti-virus software thinks it is, remember the best place to put rubbish. no, not on a blog, in a bin.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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