Monday, September 09, 2013

posted love bead toothpaste

hi there

i just got a mail from my Dad featuring the below picture. it was a rather enthusiastic mail, as you can well imagine when i tell you that it related to his joy at the arrival of a parcel today.

yes indeed, those wise to the ways of my Dad, this means that his package, or if you will "fix" of this love bead toothpaste stuff arrived.

on a practical level, since i struggled to find information on this myself, it seems that it is perfectly legal and indeed fine to send toothpaste vial the mail. one just has to make sure it remains sealed in the original packaging from purchase, and it would be wise, i suppose, to do what i did and wrap the packets up in cling film.

no, i do not have any idea what's so great or possibly addictive about toothpaste that has love beads in it. my intention would be to never, ever find out to be honest, but you never know. it's probably, dear me, genetic, and when i reach some sort of mid-life crisis stage like my Dad apparently has who knows, perhaps i will be arranging for James or William to send me items that have love beads in them.

many thanks indeed again to Tesco, who were kind enough to have this apparently much sought after love bead toothpaste on sale at half price when i frequented their premises. it was admirable that the staff at Tesco raised no eyebrow and solicited no clarification when they were presented with a basket full of the stuff by your humble narrator.

Dad, i hope you have lots of fun with whatever you do with this love bead toothpaste, and i never, ever want to learn of anything beyond that it is just put to the conventional use of cleaning teeth.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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