Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Best Of Frankie Goes To Hollywood 2 CD & Poster - anyone have this????

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i am going to assume that the answer to my question in the title is "no", but i hope to be surprised. thus far none of my dear fellow Frankie fans on the Frankie forum (join us by clicking here if you are a fellow fan) have it, and it seems that the label who released it are unaware of it.

what is it? what does it look like? this.

it seems to have come out with no announcement or fanfare at all. actually it seems to have been released with no actual release, to be honest.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood have, i think in total around the world, now been subject to more greatest hits and compilations than the 7 singles and 2 albums suggest they should have. well, what can you do with music that's just so damned great?

the tracklisting, if we are in the business of honesty, has had many a Frankie fan roll their eyes, for it seems to offer the same tracks all other compilations and reissues have had. that said, the back of the box looks smart. 

on the "again" business, the epic 16 minute 'Sex Mix' of Relax has made it to CD about 3 times before this, and i think the celebrated 'Annihilation' mix of Two Tribes  has been released about 10 times before - considerably more, to the frustration of fans, than the actual million-selling 7" version of the song has.

yeah, i have everything on this set at least twice. the whole set, to be honest, looks like a slightly trimmed and mostly repackaged variant of the 2 CD Frankie Say Greatest set from a few years ago. but it still looks interesting enough to get - mostly for the fact that it is a "6 (six!) panel digipak foldout" thing, and it comes with a poster. where to get it is the problem.

at present amazon have it listed for a very reasonable £4.36, but sadly list it as being temporarily out of stock. the marketplace thing on amazon suggests that some have it in stock at least. other than amazon, the only place i have seen it listed is someone called Poponaut, which is an ace name. they have it for 10 of them Euro things.

what about the label which released it? well, that would be Union Square Music, and if you go and look at their website they have no details on it. and nor does it come up on a Frankie search.

hmn. this might be worth owning, for the average Frankie fan and the serious collector alike, purely because there is as much evidence to say that it does not actually exist as there is to say it does.

i think the temptation is to try and track this one down, really. it's a nice enough mix to put in the CD player, if indeed it is a real set! if you happen to have it and are reading this, please leave a comment!

UPDATE - this set has been, as it were, obtained, so to speak. here

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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