Wednesday, September 18, 2013

wrapping toothpaste in cling film

hi there

yep, still busy i indicated in my previous post, and thus still getting heavily involved with the world of procrastinating a bit to make every thing seem nice nice, or at least not so bad. i have, i believe, moments enough to make a transmission, so here's the dizzy height which my procrastinating during the day reached.

"well, i should be doing [need to know basis, sorry] right now, but first let me wrap some toothpaste up in some clingfilm" was pretty much the thinking, if not the mindset, something you may well have guessed yourself from the title.

want to see it? sure you do, of course. here it is.

what were you expecting? it's three packets of toothpaste, one of which is wrapped in cling film and believe me the other two were not far behind. and yes that is a packet of Marlboro too. well, wouldn't you smoke if your life had become all about wrapping toothpaste up in clingfilm.

that this is no ordinary toothpaste, but rather toothpaste with love beads inserted in it, probably tells those in the know all they need to be aware of in respect of what is happening here. yes, Dad, this is the last batch or if you will shipment.

this particular round of procrastination had, i must say, a most unexpected side effect, or indeed affect, in that it has inspired another to go off and celebrate toothpaste through the medium of photography. in respecting anonymity as far as i can, i am happy to present here selected highlights of the works of the child of the condiment phoenix, for that is how we will refer to them.

first up, here is something that looks amazing in the world of toothpaste that has the word "total" on it. ladies and gents, admire something called Pro-Interdental toothpaste.

by the way, when i say i shall be presenting selected highlights, i mean these pictures and no further. every time i upload them it seems that the child of the condiment phoenix sends more. i have drawn a line, or if you like put down the toothbrush. no more than these shall appear here.

anyway, just what is it that makes this Pro-Inderdental toothpaste so stunning? in what way is the Pro version superior to the presumably amateur version they also sell? does it have a better par average or whatever they call it in that game?

the answer, in many respects, is in this next picture - showing the insides of the tube - as much as it is not.

quite, what's the word, toothpastey, is it not? as mostly white, or if it is the right word opaque, toothpastes go, this has to be in the top ten of all the ones that i have seen. what do you think?

i know what someone is thinking. an eagle-eyed, dedicated toothpaste man like my Dad will have clocked from the first picture that this has something called cleaning 'particles' in it. as in it has something shoved in it that are not love beads.

for some reason, the child of the condiment phoenix believes my father's obsession with toothpaste that has stuff shoved in it to be a fascinating, possibly wonderful thing. to that extent, they have provided this picture, showing off the particles glistening away, awaiting the challenge of particalizing someone's teeth, presumably.

is particalizing a word? no idea, i don't work for f****** CERN or someone. i don't believe i would ever willingly work in Switzerland, to be honest. my abiding memory is that is lovely in respect of the scenery and that, but it really, really stinks. which is saying something for someone coming from where i do.

if my Dad sees this and gets all eager about giving it a whirl, let me take this opportunity to wish him nothing but the best of luck in any and all valiant efforts he makes to get some. i am unavailable to facilitate any further toothpaste addictions from my Dad, in terms of both the finances of it and exactly where in the world one can find this.

what i can do, however, is give him something to oogle. well, i give it to him for and on behalf of the previously mentioned child of the condiment phoenix.

my view is that there has been too much focus on toothpaste within the pages of this blog, both recently and in general. i will, if it's all the same to you, probably skip the subject here for a bit. i give you assurances, should you care, that i do indeed use toothpaste with the regularity advised by dentist types, and on the whole use it in a mostly conventional way, except perhaps for the one incident.

i trust any and all enthusiastic toothpaste admirers have enjoyed this journey.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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