Monday, September 02, 2013

Camel special edition things

hi there

well, this is awkward. i am convinced that i took some "proper" pictures of this carton of Camel centenary (or however you spell 100 years all fancy) edition cigarettes, but all i can find are the ones i took in Commodore 64 mode. hey ho, a pity as they have rather more detail than the Marlboro Black boxes, but never mind.

i am not really known for smoking Camel cigarettes, not with Marlboro on the market. that said, my Uncle Peter informs me that all cigarettes i prefer smell and taste of a certain byproduct of camels. and no, he does not word it quite like that.

in the past i certainly had no problem with them, mind, in particular when Marlboro were not available on the market here. they were not too bad at all, insofar as cigarettes can be good, and thus i thought it would be quite OK to get this celebratory carton whilst mooching around the duty free areas of Dubai.

yeah, these C64 style pictures are not really showing off the fancy, colourful artwork on the packets. this is something of a shame, since the majority of the packets pictured now reside in the bin. hey ho.

from a review perspective, as pretty as the boxes are, i will be glad to be rid of them. i have not really enjoyed them at all, they certainly do not taste like the Camel i recall.

from what i remember, Camel do mess around with the blends of tobacco in the cigarettes for different markets around the world, which is somewhat annoying for the chap in duty free.

i have in my time had a good deal worse, i suppose, but these were just not worth having, bar the elaborate packaging.

and, nope, can't think of anything else to say of them, except of course to point out that actually they do look fantastic in C64 mode.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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