Monday, July 01, 2013


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some of you may well doubt or simply not believe this, but i didn't really have much in mind to mark the first anniversary of us being amongst the chosen to be honoured enough to witness The Stone Roses at Heaton Park. i then recalled that there was some footage that has not been seen, and thus instead of "not much" i give you perhaps my most ambitious post yet!

around about this time (the time of writing that is) exactly one year ago my good friend John and i were busy negotiating to obtain a bottle of milk for some tea from two Polish ladies in a shop in Manchester. John insists that they were lesbians, but he has yet to furnish any evidence of this. anyway, this was all after an epic bus ride from Middlesbrough to Manchester. John discussed the art of the "Dutch Rudder" for most of that journey, and was at pains to point out that it was "not gay", no matter that it sounded very much like that to me.

before we go on to the video (if the video works), here is a still from the first video of John and I. we look very happy in the picture because our efforts to get milk off the Polish ladies of undetermined sexual preference were a success, and in no way at all because we smoked something given to us off a fella that Bez lived with for a while.

not really a great deal i can say about the above, except "aaaaah" and very, very happy memories.

onwards, then, to the video. yes, i do indeed usually berate people that wave iTwat devices around for the duration of concerts and then upload it to youtube or what have you. am i then being hypocritical in uploading these? perhaps. the difference is that i these were filmed by my (considerably) better half on a blueberry thing, and are intended to show off the crowd and the buzz, not the band. for that, i suggest you wait for the Made Of Stone DVD and Blu Ray releases.

if i have these in sort of the right order, here is a look at Lisa, John and your humble narrator digging I Wanna Be Adored. well of course we are digging it, it's the Roses man.

next up, again if i have these all in the right order, is a touch of Mersey Paradise for your pleasure. my considerably better half, though, concentrated on filming what is called "the vibe" and got a fair bit of the crowd around us in this film.

if you were at Heaton Park on Sunday, July 1 2012 then, you may wish to have a look at this one and see if you can see yourself!

how about for the last one we have a look and a listen at tens of thousands paying homage to The Stone Roses, as one should always do, singing along to the guitar bit off of Waterfall?

i suspect it's too dark to make yourself out if you were there, but you might recognize your singalong with the guitar of Mr Squire, at the least!

i really don't have a great deal to say. actually i do, but i am not going to. you can see my posts from July and August last year for page after internet page about the whole thing. all i know is that i still get goosebumps and an incredible high (without the assistance of anyone who lived with Bez) when i hear The Stone Roses; more than i ever did before.

thank you John & Ian & Mani & Reni. thank you John & Lisa for all that you did that weekend. thank you Polish (possibly) lezzers for the milk. thank you, thank you, thank you, my beloved (considerably) better half for encouraging me to try and get the tickets for this and making it possible for us to be there.

hope you have enjoyed the video clips, in particular if you were there! let's hope soon that we all learn of the further adventures of The Stone Roses, if it involves releasing some new music, so much the better!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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