Thursday, July 04, 2013


hi there

requests for things to be included on this blog are not something i am against as such. it's rather nice to be asked, in fact, and i try to do what i can. when someone, then, uses the caps lock button to send you a message along the lines of TAKE PICTURES! after you have mentioned you have done some shopping, the least i can do is oblige.

for those of you expecting some opulent voyage of extravagance here, i am afraid you are in for a certain level of disappointment. whilst one or two items may be considered as luxury items, if not outright bourgeois, i view the things bought today mostly as conventional required items.

here, then, are selections or if you will highlights of my shopping. see what you can spot in this picture.

yes, that's right - a box of Tetley tea bags. it's ace tea, Tetley's is, and it is the best i can get here since nowhere seems to stock PG Tips. you would have thought that with where i am i should really drink that rooibos stuff. well, it's OK, but it is not Tetley.

lurking in the background are indeed some packs of rice that you can do in the microwave, and a box of them Strawberry Pops things. every now and then the boys have a "thing" for them and want them, so it's a good idea to have a box handy. i cannot stand the bloody things; when i indulge in cereals it's either Corn Flakes or something with honey in it.

Blogger has condescended to upload all of the pictures the correct way up, which is nice. that helps show off the class jars of coffee i bought as a sort of foil to the tea i suppose.

yeah, that's Cap Colombie. easily, in the world of instant coffee the supreme king. lovely stuff it is. expensive too, but it was going a bit cheaper than usual which is why you can make four jars out of it. i am thinking of naming each one of them after a member of The Beatles and using them in the order that i think that The Beatles should or should have died in rather than the way nature is doing it. yes, i am struggling to think of things to say about shopping.

that's them Strawberry Pops in the background, next to a set of knives which are held in a chopping board thing. if you do not believe me, here is a closer look. rice included for fun.

we have no real need or requirement for this knife set at this particular stage of our lives. they were just near the till, were cheap, and looked shiny. we have a lot of things in our house that are in our house for identical reasons as is the case with the knives being here. i do get a bit knacked off my (considerably) better half every now and then for my approach to acquisitions, but never mind, look how shiny they are.

for a close up look at the shiny ways of them, here they are with a bag of Spiderman bananas on top of them.

in what way do Spiderman bananas differ from regular bananas? they come in a bag with a picture of Spidey on it, and it also has "Spiderman" written on the bag. that's about it, really. William eats bananas whether there is an image of Spiderman on the bag or not, to be honest. i think the first time i got Spiderman bananas for him he was slightly disappointed that they were not Spidey-shaped, but he munched away anyway.

speaking of William, and for that matter heroes of the super variety, he was very happy indeed with something i spotted and got for him today.

it's quite rare to get items that have both Batman and Robin on these days, so i was very happy to find it. in recent times Robin has fallen in popularity somewhat - i think it has something to do with him off of that NCIS LA show playing the character very, very badly in two films and the "fanboys" going off on one about it. i understand there was no place for the character in what Christopher "no 3D thank you" Nolan did with Batman, but efforts to erase Robin are silly. the kids love the charatcer, and it is kids who Batman (and Robin) were for the most part always meant for.

i indulged my wallet further to the extent of getting myself a new belt. i am not, however, putting a picture of it up here. that just leads to a flock of accountant types coming along and telling that joke they always do - "what did the zero say to the eight? nice belt!". i don't wish for such things to be spoken of here. except for that bit where i just did to illustrate it.

i am prepared to show off two of them "blu ray" discs i found sat in a sale bin at an exceptionally low price.

Planet Of The Apes is one of my all time favourites. it's an incredible film and has stood the test of time and can be watched again and again even if you know the huge, twist ending inside out. i already have one of them ace, super deluxe DVD sets of the film, but at the price (around three UK pounds or roughly five of them American dollars) i was happy to get the "upgraded" version.

The Full Monty has similar "watch again and again" qualities to it, although obviously more Sheffield-ish than Planet Of The Apes and with a good deal more Hot Chocolate on the soundtrack. not that Planet Of The Apes suffers as a consequence of being absent of them two things.

as it happens, The Full Monty nearly did not get bought purely because of the stupid cover art. here, have a closer look.

that is a really bad photoshop / airbrush thing to put the heads of those four onto different bodies. why bother? if i recall the VHS and DVD released made do with them dressed in a shot from the film. this just looks like crap. hey ho, i suppose it is the contents of the disc that matters, not the box which holds it.

well, that's it for the shopping select picture. i cannot be bothered to take a picture of the milk, but if you want to imagine what it looks like i can tell you that it is full cream milk.

i trust that those who asked for this post, and indeed everyone, has enjoyed it almost as much as i have writing it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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