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well, as per the post about Twin Peaks books, apologies once more as i foolishly used the iPod camera thing to get these pictures. other than the fact that one does not need to open iTwats software to get the pictures off the thing, there is nothing good i have to say about the iPod camera.

there is probably something in the petty, intrusive "terms and conditions" of iTwat devices that says that Apple or whoever own the rights to any and all pictures taken with their equipment. if that's the case, f*****g good luck to them arguing over the following images with those seen as the traditional owners of them. the posters are mine, so they can squabble as much as they like.

on to the point, and these pictures are of some posters (or similar) that might be of some interest. the first two were of particular interest to me as i had not seen them in nearly 8 years, hidden as they were behind some crendenza-like cupboards i have recently disposed of.

of those two, the first is really special. behold, mortals, a celerbation of the excellence that is the film Wild At Heart.

rather class, is it not? hopefully you can make out most of the details on it. that's an ace poster for an ace film, that is!

when i arrived in this country, i found this on my bedroom wall. Mum & Dad had put it up for me, which was a very nice touch indeed. whether they were aware of how much i love the film, or if Richard or Gillian had prompted them i do not know, but either way it was a fantastic gesture!

also, sadly, hidden away since we moved into this house has been this epic poster for a truly epic film.

i think in the store i got this i had the choice of the traditional, classic poster for Apocalypse Now, featuring the bright orange with helicopters and the river. i hadn't at that time ever seen this poster before, so just opted for it as it looked (and indeed to this day looks) stunning. looking at it you can almost hear The Doors, smell the napalm and see the decapitations.

i suspect the Apocalypse Now one got hidden away on the basis that it would proably be too scary for James, and indeed later too scary for William. although William does not scare with any great ease. perhaps one day it will be on proud display again.

certainly not hidden away, as the boys love it as much as i, is the next one. i can imagine, though, that a number of fanatical "fanboy" types would rather see this one hidden away, or just not exist at all.

Star Wars Episode III was a class film and all of the 'prequels' had some merits. the notorious "fanboy" brigade who keep badmouthing it would do well, and have less ulcers and heart problems, if they simply ignored them, since they don't like them.

granted, if i had a choice, i would probably prefer to have either the original Star Wars poster, or one for Empire Strikes Back, but this is one i got given free when i went to the cinema to see it. still, all the same, i rather like it.

i haven't taken an image of my massive, double-sized Italian poster for Taxi Driver. that's still a bit too well stashed away to get at for the moment. beyond that, i suspect the poster i have block-mounted and up on the wall that impresses people the most is this next one.

well, what's not to love about the above? i recall being very impressed when i found this one in a shop, since for the most part all you could find was a French or Italian poster for Blade Runner that looked like utter, utter rubbish. granted, the "man has met his match" tagline is utter rubbish, but look how class Harrison Ford and Sean Young look in the poster! i imagine any reissues of the above today would have Ms Young's cigarette airbrushed out, though.

the last one is not strictly speaking a poster, but it is one that i treasure and value above even the Blade Runner or Taxi Driver ones. which is quite a statement i guess.

many years ago, close to 20 in fact, i had a dear friend whose father i got on rather well with. he was interested to see that i had an interest in Che Guevara. you have to remember that this was long before it became trendy and hip to put images of him on practically everything in order to sell something to the kids. it was, as i recall, quite a struggle to find a t-shirt with him on back then, whereas today you cannot move for them.

a consequence of the above is that he gave me this.

impressive, is it not? now, i am quite prepared to state that i have absolutely no way of confirming the veracity or provenance of what i was told of the above but hopefully you will also accept that i have absolutely no reason to doubt what i was told, either. when i was given this by, let us call him Jon since that was and indeed remains his name, he told me that he got this during his journalist days in Paris in the 1960s. during the uprisings (google away, and you will see also why, if you do, The Stone Roses regularly feature a lemon logo), somebody tied the above to the Arc de Triomphe. as the crowds were dispersed (refer to the thing about lemons and The Stone Roses), this was left sort of half-hanging off that famous building, so Jon took it off and kept it.

whether the above is accurate or not does not really matter, i suppose, as the poster/flag is damned impressive in itself, and proudly goes on display wherever i am in the world. it is a great shame that i am no longer in touch with Jon, or indeed his daughter who was a very good friend, but having this is a great way to remember them.

as usual when i post things like this, super fantastic if these have been of any interest to anyone!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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