Friday, July 05, 2013


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no, despite what you may think from the title of this post, this not yet another adventure in the world of the railway by me. it's rather about some more of the ace photography my Dad does out of his Old Grumpy's Gallery store.

my Dad and his mate Merv were, as i believe one does with chums in New Zealand, out and about looking for things of interest. the intent of finding things of interest was, of course, to photograph them. well, for my Dad at the least. i am not sure exactly what it is Merv does. presumably, for the most part, he encourages my Dad to take great pictures like the one below!

with the above, amazing picture in mind, now is a good as time as any to remind you of the link to Old Grumpy's Gallery, which is right here! why not pop along, from the comfort of where you are browsing the net, and have a look? you may find something you really rather like.

moving away from the advertising, and it came to be that on their adventure this two found what they presumed to be a disused or out of service bridge. it seemed worse for wear, and had that sort of rather rustic charm to it. it looked perfect, then, for some new pictures, as you can see below.

except that it was not quite as disused a bridge as it could have been. whereas the above view is most impressive, here's the view behind that, as a surprised Dad and Merv discovered when they heard the sort of noise one does not normally hear on an abandoned bridge!

yes, the old, rustic, rickety and somewhat in need of maintenance bridge happened to be armed and fully operational in the world of trains! just as well that they heard it and shifted out of the way in good time! although obviously not before getting a picture of the train!

i am really rather glad that it was not one of those silent trains, to be honest!

hope you have enjoyed these pictures! remember, click on these words to go and see more and beyond at Old Grumpy's Gallery!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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