Thursday, July 18, 2013


hi there

as more people that i expected were quite enthusiastic about the lamp incident i thought i had best do a follow up. this is so no one is left wondering, or if you will in suspense, about what sort of illumination takes place when required in my bedroom.

not long after i wrote the original lamp post, as it were (here it is), i thought "let me be brave, let me have balls" and went to change the bulb. it was with some delight that i saw the bulb come on and not switch off all the electricity in the house. it was with slightly less delight that i watched the bulb switch off after a few seconds, although without taking the electricity supply with it.

a bit of investigation into why all of a sudden Mr Bulb and Mr Lamp were not working together led me to discover a notable, unhappy level of insolence from what we will call Mr Switch.

it is, it seems and feels, totally knacked. when you press it down to the "on" side of the switch you just get the soft feeling of it bouncing back out, and not the good, hard click one tends to experience with armed, fully operational electronic devices. oh dear.

i did give some consideration to advancing my recent DIY exploits to rewiring the switch, with me either taking this one apart and fixing it or otherwise buying and fitting a new switch. i then decided it would be easier, and to a degree better if only from a "not getting electrocuted" point, to just shove next to my bed the other lamp i had lined up.

it serves its purpose, i suppose. the bendy neck of it is reasonably good fun, but i am not quite as attached to it as i was the old one. hey ho.

if after a few more nights i am still not overwhelmed with a sense of "this lamp is ace" i may well go back to the original, after some switch fiddling of course. that said, if you are the proprietor of a hotel that my Dad once stayed in and suspect that you may have an exact space for that old lamp, you are welcome to contact me and make arrangements to fetch it. you can fix the switch yourself, though.

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