Sunday, July 21, 2013


hi there

i am of the generation that grew up seeing the development and subsequent daily use of all this wonderful computers and internets technology we have today. this is a generation that had the delight of seeing their parents be baffled by such things existing that were once the exclusive realm of preposterous science fiction shows.

a number of us have parents that have bravely ventured into the world of computers and internets, despite things like recording that nice Michael Aspel fellow off the TV being a bridge too far for them in the 80s. some, like my Dad, have even bravely stepped onto the planet of facebook on the internets, posting things as frequently as once or twice a month.

this means that, every now and then, i get something like this appearing on my facebook page thing.

it's that in-between Michael Vaughn (My Lord) and TFM Radio that is of interest here. Dad is very rarely on the internet, and when he is it is usually to suggest a less offensive picture from me as my profile of what have you. it was interesting to see, then, that he had popped on to announce that he went to an event in Redcar from a few days earlier. despite his being several thousand miles away from it.

the picture for the event looked a bit "rave" too, really. concerned that he might have decided to give this ecstacy business or similar a go, i thought i had best go and investigate what it was all about.

it actually turned out to look like an innocent enough night out, with a good sounding band called The Fallen doing a gig. not some sort of rave thing, then, so i stopped worrying about my Dad getting it into his head that now was as good a time as any to start popping pills and getting totally out of control.

i was still more than a little baffled as to why he was clicking on something like this, though. i had a brief concern that he had got a knock on the head or something and had woken from that, losing 40 or so years, and was under the impression that he was once again heading to the Redcar Jazz Club.

as you can see in the below exchange, the above is almost not the case.

so there you go. i can only guess that John Betts has something to do with the band The Fallen, but one cannot take it as a given just because my Dad clicked on this to "catch up". he does frequently do things a rather funny way round, to be honest.

as he frequently does not do things like this on facebook or anywhere else on the internets, i do not have to worry all that much about his antics. happily for the most part he busies himself with his cameras and his gallery. 

and on that note, for those of you in or near Mount Maunganui, in New Zealand or around the world with a better grasp of how to use the internet than my Dad, he has just launched his 2014 series of calendars, as you can see below!


for more information on the calendars, not to mention everything else he does, you can always go along to the Old Grumpys' website and have a look around. if you are truly brave and feel as if fortune favours you then you are welcome to hit the facebook page for Old Grumpy's Gallery too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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