Wednesday, July 24, 2013


hi there

the more frequent readers of this blog, and indeed those who had the pleasure of reading a rather foul-mouthed, exceptionally obscene post i made on my good friend Jonathan Granville's facebook thingie yesterday, will be aware that i am wrestling with a sort of cowboy look at the moment. it's something of a difficult path, or if you will trail, i am on with it, but i think i am getting there.

for what reason is it i am going for a cowboy look? because for some peverse reason the people who make my size 13 boots for me have ceased making them in black and now only do them in dark brown. i needed new boots, but i only have black pants. i am no expert in the world of the fashionista, but i have always been told that black pants and brown boots is a no-no. well, for normal people it is - if you click on this link right here you will see Mr Paul Rodgers of Free wearing all black bar brown shoes whilst at the Isle Of Wight festival and looking damned smart too. i am no Paul Rodgers, alas.

i saw an advert for something or other, the product on display escapes me sorry, which featured a chap wearing blue jeans and brown boots. not only did it look quite smart, it also looked like i could get away with it. so, for the first time since around 1983, i bought and started to wear blue jeans with the brown boots, as previous updates have shown.

earlier this week i found another pair of blue jeans in a store that were a different shade to the ones i had. i thus bought them and gave this developed, somewhat jazzed up cowboy look another go today.

i am not at all sure if it works well or not. i haven't really been out and about it public today, so i have no idea of any sort of reaction to it. i will probably take a stroll in this outfit tomorrow, see what kind of excitement it generates.

this idea of different shades of blue for blue jeans leaves me a bit baffled, really. black jeans are ace, as they are just black. they go very well with black boots, which are also just black. i now have to focus on exactly which shade of blue for blue jeans works best with these brown boots and go with that, thus perfecting the cowboy look.

at the risk of getting your hopes up about glimpses of my immense sexuality, i would like for a moment to take you on a journey inside these new different shade of blue jeans that are blue. there's a rather nice touch on the inside, so to speak.

it seems to me that it's more effort than it is worth to go ahead with an orange like trim or finish on the thread on the inside of the jeans, but it is a nice thought and was certainly a selling point. that and the fact that they had a pair in my size.

as this orange thread is not visible on the outside, so far as i am aware, i do wonder why they went with this colour. perhaps it was the cheapest, for i have yet to have a conversation with anyone where the importance of the colour of the thread inside an item of clothing carried any significance at all.

to enhance, or perhaps even complicate, my new-new cowboy look, i decided to invest in another belt. i can only hope that this belt is made from substantially different parts of the cow from the one i bought a while back which, as you may recall, broke after a mere one go with it.

on the off chance that it does break, i have included an "action shot" of it so if the belt itself does not last all that long at least the memories will.

i really do not at this stage have anything else to add except, since you are asking, yes i probably should come up with something of considerably more interest that this if i am going to post on this blog. i will have a little think and see if anything of that nature comes to mind.

in the mean time, many thanks for reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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