Saturday, July 13, 2013


hi there

my (considerably) better half was somewhat inspired by that cooking fella. you know, that lippy Scottish one that reckons he was a professional footballer, and fancies himself as quite the hard man when he is shouting at ladies he's trying to teach how to cook. his latest effort to present himself as lippy, Scottish and oddly not quite the usual shouty hard man is a tribute to Alan Partridge's rejected idea for a TV show called Cooking In Prison.

in the trailer for that show one sees the lippy Scottish egg fryer getting quite a bit hard man with the convicts (or rough diamonds, as Sir Arthur would have called them), but seems a good deal more polite when he does not have a knife in his hands and those found to be guilty have access to a remarkable range of reasonably sharp kitchen utensils. one also sees him, presumably with a knife in hand, instruct the inmates to make fairy cakes. this was the inspirational part.

my (considerably) better half was inspired, then, despite not actually seeing the advert herself (that's how powerful the inspiration of it is), to make some cupcakes. this she did last night.

and William found the tray onto which the icing was allowed to drip on to this morning.

in a conventional sense i suppose icing which has allowed to dry and marinate for some twelve hours, served off a plastic tray, is not the type of breakfast one would think to give to a young child. it is not, however, like we had an option of giving him something - he just took the tray away and helped himself!

for the record, we did give him a proper breakfast too. eventually.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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