Monday, July 08, 2013


hi there

as the civilised world awaits the dawning of The Ashes starting this week, i was delighted to see my Uncle Trevor had posted a news article on the Great Ayton cricket club getting some fantastic success recently. many thanks to Trevor, and of course to Evening Gazette for providing the story.

well done lads, i am sure the present and indeed us former residents of that wonderful village do indeed hope that you go on and win even more this season!

as for The Ashes, well, if you are English, Australian or someone raised with a love of cricket, you hardly need me to say all that much about it. the present Australian side is spoken of as one being weak and lacking the character one would normally associate with a nation who prides itself on cricket performances. they speak of this series being "easy" for England. whilst obviously i will support England and hope for a series win, i dismiss this idea that it will be one sided. nothing quite brings out great performances and instills character in Australian cricketers quite like being part of the history of this contest.

if you are not at a ground watching The Ashes, get along to support your County, Club or Village side. who knows, one day the people you watch play on the village green may one day move on to be part of the greatest contest!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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