Friday, July 12, 2013


hi there

every Friday the super duper band Duran Duran ask their loyal fans to share a picture of them. well, it was that they did this on a Friday. lately some picture or video of some importance seems to be put forward to be shared every day, if not every hour.

today's picture is one that i shared over on the book of faces, but i thought it worth putting here too.

why? well, Nick Rhodes' hair for a start, and the class look that John Taylor has on the go. and the less than class look that Simon has on the go. and indeed the fact that one of the people in the band called Taylor who isn't John is wearing a Frankie Goes To Hollywood t-shirt.

and so i felt it wise to share this further with planet earth. please, please tell me now if this is liked by the ordinary world, of if their plan to share shall come undone, possibly with a reflex. i am not sure what the band are looking at, but it seems they have a view to a kill. maybe they are getting ready for the night, it could be that there was a new moon on monday that they wanted to see. going on their notorious reputation, however, maybe they are checking out some girls on film. possibly one of them skin trade films from the more broadminded areas of Europe, called something like the union of the snake. if that's the case, do save a prayer for these wild boys. i suppose someone could ask them what they were looking at, but with their careless memories it might also be something they should know. it's likely they were just waiting for the chauffeur, delayed due to looking at a new religion. in Rio.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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