Tuesday, July 16, 2013


hi there

a big, huge thanks to Mr Stephen Fry for uploading on his twitter thing an image of something wonderful, it's something that few of us ever get to see and fewer still get to hold.

that, of course, would be a ticket for Lord's to watch an Ashes Test Match.

as this whole 'twitter' thing seems to exist only to allow Stephen Fry to share his musings with the world it is great that he did this as, i hope you agree, it's fantastic to see!

if you are wondering why i have not mentioned much on the subject of the Ashes here, well, although i hold it up as my number one sporting event, there is not really much i can say that others have not. across the internets you will find that the likes of Bumble, Sir Ian Botham, Geoffrey Boycott and others are writing superb articles that i couldn't hope to match. i'm just enjoying watching, thanks.

as the TV cameras seem to love showing Stephen Fry on a frequent basis when he attends a Test, no doubt we shall get to see him enjoying the match. if you are watching too, well, let's hope we get something as spectacular as the First Test!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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