Tuesday, July 09, 2013


hi there

i believe in my post about shopping i alluded to the fact that i had purchased a belt. i really cannot be bothered to check if i did or not, although i am reasonably sure i did as i mentioned i was not going to bother with pictures of it. that approach changed somewhat as of today.

as i am sure you have worked out by now, then, i bought a new belt. it was one that i thought would be a sort of crowning glory on the recent "cowboy" look (blue jeans and brown boots) that i seem to have adopted. i found this one in a shop and i thought that it really complemented that look, what with that odd stripe down it.

no, i didn't just buy it because it was the only one my size.

yes, Gillian, yes that is your old futon cover. very, very handy in winter, it is.

anyway, i wore the belt yesterday. does one wear a belt? perhaps it is best to say i used or utilised it on my pants. it was very smart indeed, serving its purpose in keeping my pants up as it should and looking most stylish.

if you are thinking something is amiss in the above picture, you are right. the above is merely a reconstruction of sorts. here is how it looks now, or rather looked before visiting the bin.

yep, it snapped. specifically, it snapped in the early hours of this morning, although those early hours were later than i would have liked to have been up and getting dressed, making it all the more frustrating and annoying. one wear was all it lasted, then. it feels somewhat Elton John-ish, wearing an item only once and then disposing of it. i suppose i could try, like he does, to raffle it off for the benefit of charity, but it is already in the bin and i suspect i could not provide the same level of sought after provenance that his items tend to have.

there is a school of thought that teaches one to rather take this back to the store and demand a refund or replacement. that would, however, probably lead to a debate about what does and does not constitute as "fair and appropriate" use of a belt, and if it broke as part of using it correctly or not. in this regard, i am very much reminded of a time a store assistant approached my father and asked if he could, well, assist. "what can you tell me that i don't already know about a belt" is what he shouted at the assistant, who duly took his leave and went to help another, presumably more reasonable, potential client. besides, i am pretty sure the recepit was binned last week.

i would like to think it was some sort of extreme sexual energy resulting from the combination of this belt with my cowboy belt that caused it to snap, break or if you will erupt due to the intensity created. it is more likely, i yield, that something on the tag indicates a more reasonable and acceptable clue as to why it broke.

yep, if you can make it out through the blurred picture, it was made it China. other than Wham's celebrated Made In China thing (it was a documentary or something, probably featuring a pop concert) i cannot recall anything of consequence made in China that stands up to conventional use. but the items from there tend to be rather cheap. yay capitalism.

my sincere apologies to the child labourer who made this belt in a factory of no doubt high, world class working standards. he or she no doubt had dreams of their hard labour being shown off to the world in a most stylish manner. for a while, just for one day, it was indeed heroic.

i trust you are having considerably more success with trouser accessories than i presently am.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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