Friday, July 05, 2013


hi there

my as good as lifelong friend David Gutteridge, known in some circles by his persona of Norman Bastard, pretty much likes anything if not everything beginning with the letter 'p'. whereas the obvious thing that begins with a 'p' should not really be spoken of here (feel free to refer to my post on California Cowgirls for a clue), planes most certainly can.

David really likes planes. a lot. of the six instances that i saw Top Gun at the Middlesbrough Odeon, he was responsible for a minimum of four of the times i saw it, quite possibly five. a new sort of plane landing near him, then, is the sort of thing that he would like to go and see and take a picture of.

behold, then, as what i am reliably informed as being the Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes its first landing at Alicante, wherever that is. Europe probably. and i assume it landed, it looks like it is going to do so with success but i have not heard from Norman since he uploaded the picture so maybe it didn't go as well as it could have. probably did though.

why am i showing this off here? because my mate has taken a magnificent picture, that's why. i am sure there are many around the internet who are as interested in this sort of thing as he is, if you are one of them happy viewing!

please do not do anything naughty with this picture. well, if you do, full credit should always, always go to David Gutteridge for his fine work. so once again that's full credit to David Gutteridge for this tremendous picture.

should you wish to pursue a conversation with David Gutteridge about anything that starts with the letter p, or any letter for that matter, he is contactable and perhaps collectable both here and here. some of the best conversations of my life have been with him, so i suggest you do it. also, i insist you do it if you plan on doing anything at all with this magnificent picture, full credit for which must again go to David Gutteridge.

no, i am not doing that "i feel the need" bit off Top Gun here as i can't work out how to do a macho high five on the internet. and i am certainly not going to comment on the volleyball scene, it kind of speaks for itself.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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