Wednesday, July 10, 2013


hi there

at William's insistence i had a number of toy drawers out today. he had gotten it into his head that he urgently needed all of the Power Rangers toys out and at his disposal. this was partially as he was busy building a house for them, but mostly as he had some string and wished to tie them up. it is his way.

as i went through the drawers, observing as i did that we seem to have a very large number of Batman action figures, i found this chap.

who is it? no idea, really. it's some sort of generic, no film or comic book related toy that we will have picked up for the boys at some point.

why bother taking a picture of it and posting it here, then, you ask? well, if you are asking, you're clearly not all that big a fan of Primal Scream as you might be. if you are, you would do what i did when i saw the above and think of the cover for the Burning Wheel single.

i am pretty sure i can take that action figure and paint the helmet to look more or less how the one on the single cover does. that will be class, it can then be my sort of Bobby Gillespie action figure!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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