Sunday, July 21, 2013


hi there

before we headed off to my most beloved of mother-in-laws today we should, of course, have been getting ready. getting ready with a sensational degree of speed, guile and vim, so exciting is such a visit.

so excited and in a rush were William and my (considerably) better half in regards of the excursion today that, at the time i was expecting them to get dressed, they decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies.

i am partially responsible for this, of course. not the precision of timing, but the means to bake such things. i had picked up a packet of chocolate chip cookie mix during the week and, as recently as yesterday, indeed bought the electronic mixing or whisking thing. the instructions that came with the chocolate chip cookie things (i would shorten it to ccc but someone illiterate might think i am promoting a certain racial enthusiasts organization) insisted we needed an "electronic beater". as we were pretty sure they meant an electronic whisk or mixer, that was what i was promptly sent off to obtain.

my (considerably) better half was most impressed with my choice of electronic blender/mixer/whisk, so that can be written off as an anniversary gift or something then. William thought it was the best thing ever, and was rather keen to stick his hand in to the mechanisms of it all as it did its thing. we, for the most part, were able to stop him. at least, truth be told, stop him before he did any significant damage.

was it a pricey bit of equipment? yes, sort of. in relation to the cheap mix for chocolate chip cookies, certainly. i could have probably bought about 30 boxes of already made cookies for the same fiscal outlay.

but then these two would not have had quite so much fun as they did when they were messing around with it when we should have been getting ready to go and visit the mother of my (considerably) better half.

how did the cookies taste? my (considerably) better half really only does exotic, so to make it seem like they were exotic chocolate chip cookies she left them to bake for a bit longer than was perhaps required, giving a sort of tropical overcooked if not quite burned feel to them. they are lovely, and probably worth the financial damage.

i trust you have all had an interesting weekend!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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