Monday, July 15, 2013


hi there

for a great number of people the abiding memory of the film Anchorman is the somewhat random line "i love lamp". just how random it is and what it sounds like can be discovered, if you so wish, by clicking here

do i, dear reader, love lamp? love is a bit of a strong term, really. i very much appreciate the benefit a lamp gives, which is ostensibly light in a dark room or area. in most cases, if one is reading then having a lamp is better than not having one.

why are we speaking of lamp? well, to start off with, here is the one that is - presently, at the least - next to my bedside.

quite spiffing, isn't it? one might say majestic, even. yes, by the way, that is my iTwat sat in a docking station, obviously not charging (see previous post on that).

where did i get such a splendid and magnificent lamp from? the provenance of it, alas, is shrouded in a touch of mystery. i got a set of two of these fine, fine lamps from my Dad. he in turn got them from a business trip of some sorts. a business trip on which he did not at any stage go past what one would deem a conventional or normal place to obtain any number of lamps from. all i am prepared to say further on the subject is that, as far as i am aware, he has not deemed it necessary to return to the hotel that he stayed in on that trip. a hotel that in all likelihood probably had similar, equally good looking lamps.

moving on, this lamp has served me very well indeed over the years. William, as it happens, likes nothing more than coming into our room at 2 or 3 in the morning and switching it on when he feels no further requirement for sleep. in his mind it seems that switching this lamp on is the first step towards getting Scooby Doo or similar put on Mummy & Daddy's TV.

he will not, as things stand, be able to do such a thing in the early hours of tomorrow. the bulb thingie in it has blown, you see. well, you can see, as here is a picture of the lamp, bereft as it is of a bulb.

oh dear. well, nothing lasts forever i suppose, and this bulb did burn for quite some time, owing to the previously mentioned ideas of William.

i am of course perfectly able to fit a new bulb. after my exploits with flushing mechanisms and towel hanging things (see previous posts) putting in a lightbulb is a doddle. or, at the least, it usually is.

here is a bulb, selected purely on the basis of being the first bayonet one that i found, that i put into the lamp.

it looks and seems fine, does it not? the appearance is incorrect, as it is somewhat insolent. well, maybe not insolent, but it certainly did not like the magnificent lamp discussed above.

when i put it in, something went "pop", then something went "bang" and then, with a flash of flame that was small but impressive, the bulb died and with it the electricity to our house. oh dear.

i suspect it's little more than a dodgy bulb, to be honest. one that might be dodgy as it had been shoved into the incorrect size box for it. yes, by me, but that's irrelevant.

after putting the electricity back on (a bit of fiddling with the fuse switch things was involved) i opted not to put another bulb in, despite having several at my disposal which are, i am happy to confirm, stored in the correct packaging. there was the off chance that the lamp is knacked rather than the bulb, so i face something of a dilemma. if i put a new, properly stored bulb in it might just work. also, it might not, and then i will have to run around resetting clocks and the like once again.

i am, therefore, considering just using this lamp instead.

as you can see, it's not a bad looking one at all. it is a pretty conventional one, and i am sure it will do the job required of it. i am just not sure if it looks as ace as the one i already have there.

what will i do? hopefully, if you are interested, i shall advise you of my choice when i make it. as darkness approaches, i kind of have to make a decision sooner rather than later, really, in particular if i wish to read in bed later tonight and if William is to come and switch it on much later tonight.

life does get quite challenging at times, i suppose.

thank you very much for taking the time to read of my trials and tribulations.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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