Thursday, July 25, 2013



a little while ago i presented a post about a mystery package that was being sent to, at the time, undisclosed recipients. as the package has now arrived, and most unusually i was presented with evidence of the arrival, disclosure can be made. you may wish to brace yourselves for a sense of deflation if you have in your own minds blown this up to be something out of the ordinary.

i spotted something in the shops that i thought Grant would really quite like. as i knew the postage for the item in itself would be considerably more than the value of the actual item i opted to bring a sense of balance to it all, and filled the parcel up with all sorts of things. this meant that in my own mind the cost of sending was justified.

as it turns out, the cost was all justified when i got this most splendid of videos showing Gillian, Katie and Daniel playing "pass the parcel" with the mystery package!

most happy day! thanks for sending that clip along! if there is a problem with that video clip, or you just prefer the still image to the moving one, here is an image of Gillian apparently winning the game of pass the parcel and opening it up, much to the delight of Katie and Daniel.

by the way, nice one Daniel on the excellent John Entwhistle skeleton suit!

and just what was the item that i saw that compelled me to put together a "mega package" for the benefit of aspects of the family in New Zealand. my brother-in-law Grant supports that rugby union outfit known most commonly as The Sharks. i saw a had and scarf set in a sale and thought that not only would Grant rather like that, but it is also unlikely that he would be able to sort himself out with such a splendid set in New Zealand. i have no concrete evidence behind this conclusion, but i am pretty sure SA based Super 15 team merchandise is not widely available in New Zealand, nice though the place is.

was i right in thinking that Grant would rather like it? apparently so!

erm, yes, the Musica catalogue in his hand is one i just shoved in the envelope as an extra bit of padding, to be honest. glad that Grant seems to have taken a shine to it, and if there's anything in it that he wants he has about 5 days before their "famous" sale is over.

as for the memory stick he is holding, well, i am sure it makes sense to him. i have never seen that memory stick in my life, ever, and i have no idea what the contents of it is. none of my business. although if i had seen that stick before and sent it, i probably just sent a brand new, unused blank one. not my fault if something ended up on it in transit.

not much else can be said of the rest of the package. here's Katie and Daniel sat in bed watching something or other, but i cannot imagine it was part of the contents of the parcel i sent, especially as i did not upload any pictures of the content beyond the above picture, and i am certainly not going to.

one thing extra in the package that i seem not to have a picture of (which is not a complaint, sis, just an observation), is a business card (laminated, no less) for some sort of cleaning business. some chap came up to me and handed it over as i was having breakfast in Wimpy. i had no idea what to do with it, for it seemed a shame to bin such a colourful, well crafted item, but it was something i had no use for. sending it to Gillian, then, makes it her problem whilst preserving the pretty ways of it as far as i could.

i am delighted to see that the package arrived in good order, and very happy that you are all happy with the contents. have fun!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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