Monday, June 10, 2013

Valentine in June

hi there

well, well, well! what can i say, a further miracle of the post office!

the protracted ways of delivering mail here at the moment, due of course to the insane strike the Post Office experienced earlier this year (refer, if you must, to my for want of a better term posts in February and March), means that one gets to, in a very real sense, experience time travel.

whereas there has been no sign of any birthday cards beyond the one from my parents, a card of celebration that was also due in February landed today! as you can see, William was delighted to see something was in the post for him! 

William has started to have an interest in this 'reading' business that his Mummy, Daddy and of course Brother have a peculiar taste for. he has worked out that his name starts with a 'W' and thus when he sees that he is certain that the rest of the word is his name. the same is true of the letter 'M', which he simply turns upside down to fit in with his interpretation of reading. other words? if it is not his name, he is not really all that interested, although in fairness he had a slight, passing interest in how to read the name 'Superman' earlier today.

as far as other skills and talents go, i unwisely asked William to hold up the card so that i could take a picture of him with it. this is what he did!

you have to be precise with William, as you can see! i remembered to tell him to hold it so that we could see his face too a little bit later, so bear with me!

who was the card from, you ask? well, Valentine's Day cards are supposed to be anonymous, are they not?

your guess would be as good as ours, then. although the stamp on the envelope gives one something of a clue!

and, as promised above, i was as specific as i could be in the requirements William expects for posing for this next picture!

what can i say, many thanks indeed to the anonymous poster of this Valentine's card for the boys, and an extra special thank you to the post office in respect of the miracle of delivering it!

what next in the post, i wonder? Christmas cards would be ace, i suppose, but just one or two birthday cards, for either myself or my (considerably) better half, would be very nice indeed!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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