Friday, June 28, 2013

of Bronco Johnny and the California Cowgirls

hi there

i was quite excited to see that such a thing as a webpage exists for California Cowgirls. this is a film, after all, truly worth celebrating in any form, so why not have a web page thing for it?

a quick click on it - - reveals that sadly it has nothing obvious that i can see to do with the film. Bronco Johnny certainly isn't even mentioned on the homepage. he might be mentioned somewhere else but i got bored so did not check.

here is the cover for the California Cowgirls i expected to see.

what is the film California Cowgirls about, you ask? with a cover like that, what do you think it is about, exactly? i cannot go into the specifics of the film, as i do my best to keep this blog as inoffensive as possible. it is a film intended for a somewhat mature audience, shall we say. adults only, that sort of thing.

the above limits images that i can show of the film, but here is a look at Bronco Johnny for you to admire.

i believe my mate Spiros finally found a copy of this film, and was delighted to see that Bronco Johnny, amongst other things, swigs just as much redeye as i promised he did in the film. he also has some really smart leather pant protector things on in the film, but i cannot show you them as he forgot to put the pants on under the leather pant protector things. well, as it turns out he left the pants off with good reason.

i can however show you him swigging some redeye, whatever the hell redeye is. probably some sort of illicit moonshine that gives the drinker red eyes?

just before i got bored with the web page i noticed that they had a contact us section. i have asked them if they are in any way at all affiliated with Bronco Johnny, and if it is at all possible to buy some leather pant protectors like his off them. i will let you know as soon as they reply, or at least as soon as Jonathan lets me know that they have replied, as i thought it better to use his email address than my own.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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