Tuesday, June 18, 2013

images from Mount Maunganui and beyond!

hi there

well, what can i say? i am delighted that the not entirely subtle hints i have dropped on his blog have led to, all of a sudden it seems, a few pictures coming in to my email from my Dad! and they are some pretty impressive pictures to, as you will see and hopefully agree.

Dad does keep himself rather busy, so the lack of mails and pictures sometimes does make sense, but it is nice to see and hear of what he has been up to. one of the more interesting things, it seems, is that he has taken to the skies in a helicopter to take pictures for a top secret assignment.

obviously i cannot show the images of the top secret assignment, but i can show off the amazing, unrelated ones he took whilst up in the sky!

or, mindful of the fact that i am reading the most recent of Dan Brown "efforts" right now (i cannot bring myself to call it a novel, for that implies some thought and effort went into the construction of it), maybe i am indeed showing you the top secret pictures, safe in the knowledge that you don't know what you are looking for or at. will leave you to think about that.

you are, however, just probably a good deal better off admiring the pictures for what they are!

next up are a few sensational pictures from his other travels - travels that do, it would seem, appear to be of a more conventional, land based approach. of the pictures sent,  i was in particular impressed with this wooden sculpture or if you will statue!

nice one Dad! i think mostly it's the case that when my Dad reads of things like my Texas Chainsaw 3D review he kind of shakes his head in puzzlement over the cost and time of my education. it's probably not the sort of thing he would wish for me to express an enthusiastic and healthy interest in, but at least he does think of me when he spots things like this.

do you wish for another look at this magnificent work of art of a chap with a chainsaw? of course you do.

leaving aside, for now, the class chainsaw dude, it's nice to at last get a picture of Mum & Dad to see how they are doing. very well, by the looks of it!

i am not sure that either my Dad's photography or Old Grumpy's Gallery are presently doing well enough to allow them to consider buying the Chateau thingie behind them, but you never know!

otherwise, it seems they have taken to following a bit of farming. no surprise there, since we herald from an agricultural background. with that background being an interesting blend of Wales and Yorkshire, our interest would be in "proper" farming with real equipment, with none of this fancy new technology being used, no matter how efficeent or easy it makes it.

that said, you would imagine this chap probably argued that adding a seat would not be cheating too much.

i would imagine that Stormin' Norman would be very impressed with this display of classic farming equipment, or if you will tractors. Gramps would no doubt too insist that farming was much better when things like this were used, and the world should return to this way. hard to disagree with him.

he would also go off on one about the current UK Government and indeed speculate that the next two or three Governments will be just as bad, so it's probably best to leave that aside and just admire the pictures.

now that one pictured above is quite smart, but my favourite is this next one! look at the tank like wheels at the back of it!

i would really like to have a go in that one, you would be the king of the road going about the streets on that, with the added bonus of being able to simply drive over any car which disagreed with your king status!

away from all things agriculture and one last proper picture for you, a magnificent view for you to enjoy!

if you would like to obtain some of these magnificent pictures, or indeed avail yourself of the services of my Dad and his impressive photographic skills, then you can go along to the Old Grumpys Gallery website for more information.

if you would like to do the above and show off how ace your smartphone is, you can also visit the website by hovering the camera scanner thing on your smartphone over this QR code i created for the webpage!

many thanks for the pictures Dad! i hope all visiting here have enjoyed them and follow the links to go and see more. best of luck with your next photographis assignment!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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