Sunday, June 02, 2013


hello there

well, so long as all concerned are blessed with further miracles of the post office, within a couple of weeks (three, perhaps four) family around the world should be taking delivery of a smashing new DVD. it features James' latest thespian exploits, for last week his drama club put on a terrific show for us!

in the mean time, owing to the fact that the Post Office might not deliver the parcels as quickly as one would hope, here are some screenshots from the film i took!

although not a part of the play, or the school for that matter, William saw no barrier to being in on the action, primarily as there was no barrier on the stage. you will see what i mean below!

before the play proper, James and his class gave us a rundown of all the exercises and activities they do in drama class. quite impressive they all are too, as you would expect i suppose.

James can not only recall his own lines perfectly, but he seems quite capable of remembering all the lines, and once or twice prompts his contemporaries with what they are supposed to be saying!

his drama teachers are highly impressed with him, as indeed are his parents! i would imagine all relatives will be, really, as and when the Post Office does their thing. it can't be all delivering maild and doing what they are paid to do you know, they have to do some strikes and go-slow action to ensure they do not get rusty.

speaking of all things rusty, one of the exercises involved pretending to play the trombone. James was so good at it that they called him up to do it twice! i did get a pretty good picture of him doing it, but it might be mistaken for an action that got David Bowie into a good deal of trouble at a train station in 1976, so i will not show it here!

as for the play itself, well, it was wonderful fun. i would not like to give all that much away from it before the film lands at family (insert less than complimentary comments regarding the Post Office here), but here's the one picture from it for now.

yes, James was indeed given the lead role, as the above picture / publicity shot gives a clue about!

as James really rather enjoys drama and acting we can only hope that he continues with it. he does have visions of being in a Star Wars or Jurassic Park film one day, but then again i suppose all children at some point dreamed of doing that. we shall continue to support and encourage him as long as he enjoys doing it!

what's that, you want another look at William invading the stage and making himself part of all that is going on? OK, sure, no problem!

if you are wondering if William can sometimes be a handful when out and about, the answer would be yes, yes again and oh hell yes. he's not too bad when i take him out and about with me on a weekend (Mummy and James prefer weekends to be in pyjamas), but he can have his moments!

blimey, i make that four updates in one day? hope you are happy, Gillian, and i shall do my best to do more updates rather soon! i think i've exhausted everything for now! best i bundle and post these discs before i write any more complaints about the Post Office!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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