Saturday, June 08, 2013

Seagal of Chechnya

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just so we're clear, this is neither a post in praise or in jest of the actor and martial arts expert that is Steven Seagal. my own brief exchanges with him years ago left me with the impression that he was quite a decent chap, if you what an honest view. no, this post is just to celebrate a class video that, at the time of writing, only about 84,000 people have seen but many more should.

i had no idea that Steven Seagal had been to Chechnya and i have no real wish to find out exactly why he did. all i do know is that the Chechens / Chechnyans were delighted to have him there.

i am pretty sure he will have given them a few tips and pointers on his classy martial arts and perhaps even shared a few memories of the films he has made. i imagine Steven Seagal films are widely available in Chechnya - i know here, in a similar market condition, one cannot move for discs featuring him in the shops.

yes, the interesting bit is coming, please be patient.

it seems that they, the people of Chechnya, put on something of a welcome to our country parade and exhibition for him. and why not? he is what you would have to call an A grade star, as even if you've never seen one of his films, on the basis of hearing his name you know what he looks like and what he does.

here's a screen grab thingie of Mr Seagal appreciating the display put on presumably for his benefit.

blimey, look at the size of his hands! no wonder he's so good at twatting people!

part of this ceremony, and yes this is the interesting part, involved what i can only assume is a traditional Chechen dance. one that Mr Seagal was either invited to take part in, or one that he just decided to be part of. observe, if you will.

you know that picture really doesn't do it justice. it's not often that i foist links on you and say "check this out", but in this case i must insist that you click the following words and check this out. you will not be disappointed. well, you won't be disappointed if you click on that link with the expectation of seeing Steven Seagal being welcomed to Chechnya and doing some fancy dancing.

as i mentioned above, i did have a brief exchange of emails with the chap. my dear old mate Rolf was quite the admirer of Seagal's films and was interested to hear some of the music that Mr Seagal had decided to record. i arranged for him to hear some. i cannot say Rolf was impressed, but he wasn't offended either. we asked Mr Seagal if he had any intention of visiting here to do a concert or something, and his answer was "i very much hope to one day". ten years later, alas, and he has not, but you never know.

want to see those bloody big massive hands of his again? sure you do, here he is apparently administrating some sort of blessing or approval on the people of Chechnya.

many thanks indeed from me and, i would dare to presume actually, all who click on this link to my friend Schwirl for alerting me to the fact that this video is out there in the world of the internet. it does indeed exist, it seems, to make the world a better place.

if for some reason you are interested in the music of Steven Seagal as mentioned in this post, please don't let me stop you searching for it all by yourself.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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