Sunday, June 23, 2013

quality literature for my beloved Mother-In-Law

hi there

well, yes, OK, that should read "sort of" quality literature. and the "beloved" part is open to debate, if you like. but all the same, i have got her some new books.

with me having no more and no less that two of them e-reader things at my disposal i really have neither the business nor the need to look at actual books anymore. well, i do. the boys both love reading and holding books, so i am always on the lookout for quality titles for them. then there is also my mother-in-law, beloved or otherwise.

i have, honestly, given thought to getting her one of them e-reader things. i do not, however, wish to see her left confused and bewildered in the face of modern technology. i keep an eye out for the sort of thing she would quite like to read, then, and was delighted to spot these at a charity booksale today.

what amazing quality titles! well, OK, The Return Of The Rebel isn't all that exciting, but you had to buy them in sets of two. i just grabbed that, then, as there was no way that something called Welcome Home, Cowboy was staying on the stall!

regular readers he will no doubt recall that Monica, for that is the name of my mother-in-law, provided us with a rundown and a review of Cowboy Under Siege. since she liked that one so much, this one is bound to impress her. assuming, of course, that it was the "cowboy" part of that she liked, and not the "under siege" bit of it.

the blurb or premise thing on the back of the book looks and sounds nothing short of absolutely f*****g amazing. it seems it's about Emma, a pregnant widow struggling to raise her children on a debt ridden ranch. thankfully, a rugged musician with a dubious reputation called Cash is on hand to mend the fences for her. how can this book be anything other than ace?

i do not visit my mother-in-law as much as you might think, but i will be arranging a visit soon to give her these books. even if it means just driving by her home and throwing them out of the window in her general direction, "gangsta style". the sooner she has these, the sooner she can read and give us a review!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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