Friday, June 07, 2013

well, well, well.......

hi there

there are two or three magazines i buy every week, and not one of them is for me. as i was busy purchasing them, i noticed - and indeed discussed with the lady on the till - a striking similarity between the covers this week. see if you can spot any similarities yourself!

what i see is a representation of a criminal, someone facing very serious criminal charges, and then finally, of course, a President. far be it for me to either imply anything further at all, or indeed to be a barrier to anyone who wishes to read up on things.

hats off to You magazine for outdoing themselves, by the way. the people on the cover have been fairly regular in their appearance on the front since, oh, February, with i think maybe only 2 or 3 weeks someone else getting to be on the front. You magazine, under those circumstances, declaring that there is "no end to the drama" can only mean that the magazine will continue to be published for quite some time and further they will be doing yet more covers like this.

it's a shame that no magazines printed here are ones that i would read, to be honest. you can search my previous posts for details of what an utter, shocking failure the SA version of Rolling Stone is for a start, and i have not touched an edition of FHM since they thought it acceptable to make fun of the Hillsborough disaster.

whatever you read, happy reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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