Friday, June 07, 2013

into the oven

hi again

you may well, all by yourself, worked out from the fact that i am bothering to post of my incompetence at some sort of Japanese sweet-based game that i am a touch stuck as to what to do with myself at the moment. that would be the case, really.

at the time of writing i have several things being fixed up in and around the house, in scenes not too different from those one would find in that ace, pre-Oscar Tom Hanks film The Money Pit. that big blonde dude out of Die Hard was in it too, i am certain. anyway, this fixing up limits what i can and cannot do right now, hence Candy Crush and blog posts.

here, for example, is the oven that needs the menders.

the element or something was bust in it. a new one is now installed, and it seems to do the job it is supposed to do without switching off all the leccy in the house. this means we are now free to bake things at will, and only Eskom retains their usual position of being the ones to pull the plug on electricity.

i draw something of a blank, i'm afraid, when i try to compose a list of people who would be interested in this update. if you are someone that is interested and i did not consider you, my apologies!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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