Saturday, June 29, 2013

a partial Twin Peaks books collection

hi there

first off, apologies indeed for the ultra-low quality of the pictures. i noticed that the iPod thingie i bought a little while ago had a camera of some sort on it. i thought that as everyone bangs on and on about the brilliant ways of the iTwat, in particular how they can "iUpload" or whatever it is from their iTwat to that InstaTwat thing, it must be good. who knew that the pictures would be even more rubbish than what i took off my old blueberry phone thing?

getting on to the topic, and here's a look at some of my Twin Peaks books. erm, by some i kind of mean most, really. somewhere stashed away i have something called the Access Guide To The Town. it's not on the bookshelves as i think it's too big for them. this is not the case with either The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer or The Autobiography Of Dale Cooper, mind. further, it's not the case with either version of those two books!

the above shows, if you can make them out in the midst of the crapesque ways of an iPod camera, the USA editions on either side of the UK editions. slightly different, as you can see, mostly in size. although obviously the American market was not up to the joys of the dead Laura Palmer on the cover.

i understand that now it's really easy to have different versions of the same thing from around the world. the internet has made it so. these books, however, go back to 1991, when one did not have an "internet" to order things off. i ended up with the US set due to the generosity of my Dad. he was off on a business trip to the States and picked them up for me. i didn't ask him to, either, which shows that every now and then he pays attention to my likes and dislikes!

want to see the spines of the books? why not.

content-wise they are same difference inside. i think the UK versions feature the correct spelling of words like colour, at least. just what it is that the Americans have against the letter 'u', and saying the word "aluminium" properly, is something that i don't know but also don't spend too much time concerned about.

the back of the US version of the Laura Palmer book is all that red, diary-like (i suppose) pattern you see on the front, but for those keen to see what's on the back of the Dale Cooper one, this next picture is for you.

showing you the back of the UK editions is a little bit tricky. Blogger has done that thing again where it decides to rotate the pictures for me, no matter how i edit or save them. that little oddity plus the crap quality of iPod pictures might make the last two pictures here pointless, but here you go!

these books are in no way the end of my Twin Peaks collection. i have the DVD set, and the VHS copies somewhere too. yes, also the ill-received Fire Walk With Me film and the relevant soundtracks. on tape and CD. speaking of tape, a real gem somewhere is Diane.....The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Special Agent Dale Cooper. it features a load of stuff that Kyle recorded for the tape release, all of which is high quality. it also features bits from the TV series, which sound like they have been dubbed down very badly from a mono VHS of the show, all of which is of a low quality. and finally, i think at least finally, i've got the Twin Peaks boardgame stuck away somewhere. it is quite crap, to be honest, but it does have Twin Peaks written in large letters on the front.

a pretty decent collection, then, if i say so myself! i would not describe myself as obsessive about the show, mind. it might seem that i am or was based on the above, but believe me, take a wander through Twin Peaks forums and fan things on the internet and you get an interesting perspective on what "obsessive" can actually be.

here, on its side thanks to Blogger, is a look at the back of all four books for your entertainment.

why am i posting these now, by the way? well, there may or may not be some sort of anniversary for Twin Peaks around now - if you go past any of the sites i suggested above you soon learn that every day features some sort of anniversary for the show, according to some. i just happened to find them today as i was, as is usual, sorting out stuff and i recalled someone was asking about them. i think that person was connected to my "mate" Franny, but that is all i can remember.

anyway, for the benefit of whoever it was and indeed for you who are looking at this now, or indeed are one in the same, hope this has been of some interest to someone!

P to Q4.

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