Thursday, June 06, 2013

Man Of Steel action figure

hi there

well, i have been wondering when these will turn up! with Man Of Steel due for release in a week or so, there had not been any sign of any toys or action figures associated with it on the shelves. that changed today!

it might well be that Man Of Steel is aimed at a slightly older audience than usual for a Superman film, but as was shown with The Dark Knight, superhero toys are always released anyway and they are most welcome.

at present they only seem to have two characters available - Supes and General Zod. there is no point me bringing a General Zod home as i just get told that it's "Lex Luthor with hair", and so -

i thought it best to purchase Superman in his traditional colours. they had all sorts of variants on the suit - including a very smart looking black one - but they would all get rejected at home as not looking proper.

they seem to have all sorts of other things out too, but rather useless ones. what, exactly, is the point in selling a Superman in an aeroplane? he kind of has that flying thing without an engine or wings required!

perhaps some other figures will come along eventually, but this one will do for now, thanks!

i will not insult you by pretending or suggesting that i don't find these film related toys and action figures very cool. of course i do, they are ace! however, the above pictures represent probably the last time i will see Superman, the action figure has been somewhat adopted by someone.....

despite having access to four or five (maybe six) other Superman figures, William was as you can see delighted to be getting his hands on another one!

i know some collectors like to keep them all in the packaging to "increase their value", but that somewhat misses the point. the value in these toys is in playing with them. Superman was out of his packaging, then, within a few minutes of William getting him, which means you can have a few close up looks!

erm, how can i put this correctly? the "anatomy" of Superman does not look at all right, does it? in particular not around the waist and related areas. the head also does not look quite right, either.

as for the back, well, here's a pic. it seems to be that cheap, thin and shiny plastic they have used for the cape, something that i can see going missing in the not too distant future!

well, whatever issues or quarrel i or anyone else has with the appearance of Superman in this new toy do not seem to matter. William thinks it is excellent!

i think you can see in the above just how little chance there is of me or anyone else getting that back off William, so just enjoy these pictures!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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