Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a further miracle of the post office.....

hi there

wow, we received post again today! i cannot recall us getting this kind of service since before the ill-fated and unfortunate, yet idiotic, strike earlier this year. things are on the up.

in the post were two editions of Time magazine - yes, the weekly one. one of them was the current edition i was expecting, the other from some arbitrary date in May that the Post Office in its infinite wisdom had decided not to deliver at the time. ho hum.

also in the post, and i would bet of more interest, was a card for James. one rather similar indeed to the one that arrived for William yesterday, as James was pleased to see!

as it turns out, it seems that neither this card nor the one William got yesterday were the missing, if you will delayed, Valentine's cards. although there are no markings, they are clearly from after February. oh dear.

why is this, then, still called a miracle of the post office? well, when you think about it, a rather unfortunate incident for me in our bathroom (see previous post, 'adventures in drilling') could have been considerably worse, athletically speaking, if the post office had indeed cocked around with the time-space continuum enough to have made it Valentines again. it remains possible and indeed plausible, then, that only a towel rack/bar thingie broke and no "misunderstandings" took place purely because of the post office flatly refusing to deliver Valentines Day cards, no matter how late.

more importantly, James really, really likes to get things with his name on in the post, so he was delighted to see this arrive!

cor, blimey, i've made up for the lack of recent updates in the last few days, have i not? hopefully Gillian and anyone else wanting to read them have got what they wished for.

in the mean time, my hand feels somewhat battered, bruised and sore from the old school screwdriver antics of earlier today, so you will please forgive me if i sign off this post now to nurse it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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