Friday, June 14, 2013

wheelspins, donuts, handbrake turns and Uncle Trevor

hi there

as you will have worked out from a post earlier this month, it seems that everyone in general and my family in particular have simply stopped sending any sort of pictures to me. actually, they've pretty much stopped sending anything. if it were not for adverts for Nigerian cock pills and someone convinced that i am the right person for a job that requires one to speak Mandarin, my email thing would have next to nothing to do. ho hum.

thankfully, every now and then someone posts a picture up on that facebook thing, and if it's of interest i will gladly pinch it and put it here. this picture shows off my Uncle Trev having a go in a car bought by someone who i know, but will leave anonymous here.

looks quite smart that! Trev looks good in it, as i am sure the anonymous owner does. on that note, nice purchase Colin!

of interest in this picture, other than the fancy wheels and Uncle Trev, are of course Ruby, who apparently is not allowed in the car, and of course Gran, who probably showed Trev the best way to maximize the "screech" sound when doing a handbrake turn in this new car.

glad to have caught this picture, and how splendid to see you are OK Uncle Trev! hope you've had a look at the DVD by now!

UPDATE! Trev has just added a picture featuring the anonymous owner of the car!

i am not at all sure you should be taking pictures of yourselves whilst driving, but then again what i know about driving is, frankly, dangerous!

nice Thelma & Louise pose, though!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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