Thursday, June 27, 2013

JG + The King, Elvis Presley / Vic Reeves x NWA = this.

hi there

it's been a little while since my friend Jonathan Granville, as a talented friend as he is a good one, unleashed an interpretation of a famous song on the world. that little while ended this evening, in some style if i may say so myself.

before we go on, Jonathan would like me to point out that he is drinking alcohol in the below picture.

this is done to imply that he was under the influence of some hops and barley as he did this song. he has, then, diplomatic immunity against any and all insults or offence anyone may tale from his latest recording.

Jonathan rather unwisely said that he would do "any song in any style" that anyone suggested to him. the unwise part comes in as i happened to be around when he made this bold claim. the was only one suggestion that i could make of course, and that would be that he record something in the style of the much vaunted, highly celebrated Gospel era of The King, Elvis Presley.

vaunted and celebrated, i say? yes. i think if you have a look at a graph or one of them spreadsheet things, you will discover that church attendances have been on the decline ever since The King, Elvis Presley took the decision to move to China after faking his death. are the two linked?

now, paying the correct sort of homage to The King, Elvis Presley is a difficult business, even for someone as talented as the good JG. do it wrong and you may well discover that i have associates who saw nothing, or that i have associates that were with me the whole time and could not possibly have been at the violent incident, the details of which i would not know. JG mostly does it OK, but tends to sound a bit like this chap.

yes, to Jonathan it seems that "do a song in the style of Gospel era The King, Elvis Presley" translates as, as you will hear shortly if you click on the link and he hasn't deleted the song, "do a song in the style of Vic Reeves doing a country and western style for Pub Singer off of Shooting Stars". this, as it transpires, is no bad thing at all, as it sounds sensational.

what, want the link now? here it is then, it being called something along the lines of Please Do Leave Now, Member Of The Constabulary. although the actual title (and song) is not quite as polite and civil as that.

yes, that's right. as to what song i suggested JG record, the first thing that came to mind was that well known pop song by the celebrated band NWA. the song where they seem jolly cross with the state of law enforcement in what i am reliably informed is called their "hood". by all accounts it seems that when they composed this song, laced as it is with images evoking the mythology of Oedipus and numerous instances of them drive by shooting things on hears about on the news, they were right to be jolly cross with the constabulary. one would forgive them for being, indeed, mildly angry with them.

that's a great shame, really, as usually the band struck one as always being a happy go lucky, let's all just get along time of friendly brotherhood.

anyway, it should be stressed that they use the rather more modern, somewhat more offensive terminology when discussing Oedipus. caution is not so much advised as it is insisted upon when you play the song, the link for which is here once again for your pleasure.

if we are to conduct our business in honesty here, the cover version is not really suitable for anyone to listen to. i suggest you do, though, but not with children, the easily offended or former members of NWA within earshot of your PC speakers or whatever stag you play your vibes through.

recording this has, alas, taken its toll on the artist known as JG. i recently obtained this picture of him, taken not long after the sessions for this track were finished.

it would appear that the only thing missing is the massive pile of cheeseburgers.

if this cover version has entertained and indeed amused you as much as it has me, then splendid. if you are all upset, offended or troubled by it, well, what can i say other than the warning signs were all over the place before you clicked the link!

many thanks JG!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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