Monday, June 10, 2013


hi there

sorry, sorry, let me get this out of my system first. i cannot see or hear the word "pottery" without thinking of the time it was frequently used instead of "poetry". i refer of course to that ace episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus which covered the sensational poetry/pottery of the great Ewan McTeagle, in particular his most celebrated work, What's Twenty Quid To The Bloody Midland Bank?

right, with that out of the way, as William's talents were mentioned in a post just now, i thought it only fair to give you a look at one of his most favourite things to do. that, as you have no doubt guessed from the title and discussion above, is pottery. i mean, at some point he probably will enjoy doodling with poetry, but it's pottery for now.

his latest creation arrived back with him today in his school bag, and all were most impressed with what he had made!

just what is it that he has made? a William creation, really. that's the safest. i think it might be some sort of mug or pot, featuring either his vision of his own face or, since it's Father's Day shortly, who knows, it might well be intended to be me. very flattering if the latter.

sorry, i only had my blueberry phone thing on me, and i was rather more worried about preventing William from dropping / throwing his creating than i was getting clear pictures!

yes, that is James somewhat lurking in these pictures. sorry, couldn't get any snaps of them two of them looking the same way, once again!

this next picture doesn't really show off the finer details of the pottery as such, but it does show off William a bit! 

right, i believe that will do for posts for one day. tomorrow i am going to have a bash at some very fancy drilling in the vicinity of our bathroom, which means mixing my skills of the drill with electricity and water. exactly what i am doing is slightly hush hush, but if i survive, well then you shall know via further blog posts in the not too distant future. or when the surgeon has got my hands and that all back on.

have fun with whatever you are doing!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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