Monday, April 23, 2012

yes, it was Sunday at South Fork

hi there

well, i am writing this frantically as i am getting something coming up on screen saying "Windows has detected a hard disk error" or similar. it has a big massive X on it, too. i am downloading something from the hard drive manufacturer to see if that can't sort it out. if not, well, that's another slice of technology that has got the better of me this year!

in the mean time, i took the boys over to South Fork to run a bit riot. Grandad was on hand with his camera, as ever, and got some lovely pictures.

first off, here is James playing peek-a-book with the couches.

these are the couches that William was constantly diving across, off and on, presumably in the hope of breaking something. he didn't, which was nice, and thus was able to take a walk around the grounds!

we had, it has to be said, a most pleasant afternoon visiting! Grandad hardly threatened to get his slippers to administer a thrashing at any point, which is a good sign!

right, i am off to install some sort of hardware checker, and then to also run something called .net 4 something or other which the hardware checker needs, apparently.

if you don't hear from me on this site here for a bit, i guess you can assume that all the above thingies didn't sort it out! wish me luck!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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