Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (in some promo material)

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well, it's a little over 2 months before anyone in the world sees The Dark Knight Rises and it has been all quiet on the promotional front, really. there have been two trailers thus far, both of which "excited" us all to say the least. when one considers the innovative, brilliant "viral" campaign for The Dark Knight, however, advertising this film has been distinctly low key. perhaps it's because this film really does not need an audience to be built up for it, or maybe no one has stumbled upon the sites made for it as of yet.

anyway, moving on and let us not worry about the promotional stuff that they have not done, instead let us concern ourselves with what has been. it's still all looking really, really good.

here, for instance, is what you would imagine will be one of the generic bits of promotional material that will be used.

the above is not too difference in terms of appearance and style from the image of the Batman used on toys, books and what have you for The Dark Knight, really. if this one ends up on a bed spread like the posters for the first two Christopher Nolan films then i know two young chaps who will be very happy to have it on their beds!

with The Dark Knight zero effort was made to hide the "big bad" in the form of The Joker; in fact with the kind consent of Heath Ledger's family he became pretty much the focal point of the celebrated promotional build up. the character of Bane tends not to excite those with a glancing knowledge of Batman quite as much as The Joker, but all the same they seem prepared and keen to show him off. here's a rather impressive, "this will be cool" inspired promo pic featuring who you presume to be the protagonist and antagonist (who knows which shall be which) resolving a matter with a bout of fisticuffs.

for a final pic for now, what could well be The Batcave. this is at least what people are assuming it is, but i remain unconvinced. you may recall (and if not search for it above) that i posted some pics which claimed to be of the new Batcave, ones that have not been authenticated. as Batman was left very much on the lamb at the end of The Dark Knight and this film takes place 8 years later, it means that Bruce Wayne would have had enough time to rebuild it, but the question is why would he? all indications are that the character of Batman has not been seen in those 8 years, so for what reason would he have got everything ready for? no doubt this will be revealed in the film..... the mean time, here's Bruce Wayne in what might be the Batcave, apparently checking out the outfit of his alter ego.

i am not sure if he checks in here or not, but in respect of the above picture, full credit to the one they call Mr Richey for the heads up on this picture. top bloke, Mr Richey is, many thanks!

you now know all i know of the film, and should you know more than me, nice one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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