Monday, April 23, 2012

adventures out and about

Hi there

well, as you may guess looking at this third post of today, i am trying to play a bit of catch up with my posting levels! hopefully they're all good!

a bit of a weekend ritual we have sees William go on a shopping adventure with me. James comes every now and then, if you define every now and then as being when there is a guarantee that we shall certainly go into a toy shop and invest. William is quite content, however, to come along every time to have a gander at things.

here he is at the helm of a most magnificent and most splendid shopping trolley. it is also a curious one, but more on that later.

he does rather like going around in this one, making some most excellent "vroom vroom" sort of noises. all the way from the shop back to the car, as it happens, which is where the curious part comes in.

for some strange reason whenever we have one of these trollies some sort of security guard tries to stop me pushing it, loaded as it is with groceries and a child, out of the store. apparently these trollies "are not supposed to leave the store". tosh and nonsense is my response to that, since they cannot explain how i might then get the aforementioned to the car without it. i just carry on and get on with it yet, none being so brave or perhaps foolish as to attempt to stop me.

note to stores, then - if you have trollies that you do not wish customers to use, then rather not have those trollies and get instead ones that you are happy for customers to use. or simply put up a sign saying "we do not want you to shop here".

moving on, and as i was extracting that picture off my blueberry (or whatever it is called) phone, i noticed this picture which i intended to post but never got around to.

picking up James and William from school has many pitfalls. traffic is the main one, certainly, but then there's when you get both of them and they seem to be in no rush to get home. i mean, when i have collected them, we could either head home, or James could encourage William to have a good go at a jungle gym meant for children considerably older. guess which one happens more often than not.

that's a wooden pole they are walking over, protected from a substantial fall to the ground only by some loose netting. William's love of climbing over everything and anything is really only matched by his apparent lack of fear at trying such things. we have to keep a fine, keen eye on him at all times, especially as he has clocked how to undo the seat belt in his chair in the car, and indeed how to dismantle all the straps on his class car seat!

now then, what else can i do an update on?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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