Monday, April 23, 2012

Dallas returns very soon!

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it's rather safe to say that American television, that which once seemed like the most awesome in the world, has got itself stuck in a bit of a rut of late. the choice of the moment seems to be a stack of reality shows, ones that are mildly entertaining but are getting dangerously close to merging in to one thing - i look forward, for instance, to one day tuning in to Desert Car and Cake Storage King Wars. when they are producing shows of excellence, they tend to either be frustratingly cancelled after one series (the magnificent FlashForward) or allowed to descend into farce (Prison Break started so well and then lost its way big time). even the big staple of successful American TV at present, CSI, seems to have run its course, with the two spin off series, the excellent New York and the horrid Miami, apparently being on the verge of the axe.

it can be little surprise, then, that those responsible for "new" shows have decided to look back and try to recreate those shows that captured a worldwide audience. number one on that list, by some distance, would be Dallas, and so it is no surprise that we shall once again be invited into the world of the Ewing family.

and this is no bad thing! i was a major Dallas fan, as was the rest of the world, back in the 80s. it lose its way badly towards the end (and this is even after the whole "shower dream" thing, which is saying something), so it's excellent to see they are going back to it - partly to rejuvinate it, but hopefully also to one day give the whole concept the fit and proper ending it perhaps deserved.

and speaking of waking up to find someone in the shower to discover the entire last season was just a dream, big, ten gallon stetson hats off to whoever came up with this promotional poster!

it looks like the new series of Dallas will focus on the next generation of Ewings, with the focus being the battles between John Ross and Christopher. excellent to see, though, that JR, Sue-Ellen and Bobby will appear in some capacity, though!

is this going to work? well, i and many others certainly hope so. the idea of returning to the series certainly isn't a bad one, and wasn't an entire failure when they tried it in the late 90s with a film called The Return Of JR. there are also more than a few out there who would cite Star Trek : The Next Generation as proof that a revisit, or spin-off if you will, can sometimes be even better than the original series.

as long as the new series remembers to include certain trademarks - most notably a punch up at the annual Oil Baron's Ball and someone ending up pushed in the swimming pool at the annual South Fork barbeque - then all will be well. it's just a little over a month until it returns to our screens on June 13, when presumably we shall find out!

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